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Senior Reflection: Benjamin Sutton

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By Ben Sutton | Editor-in-Chief | June 1, 2012

For me, each new year of high school was better than the one before.

Freshman year, to be honest, was pretty boring. Monotonous class periods were broken up by blaring, angry school bells, and the entire year felt like one long slog towards summer.

Sophomore year was okay. I found a rhythm; I was used to DP and DP was used to me. I still found myself bored a lot of the time, but what do you expect? It’s school. Sophomore year was when I first joined the journalism staff, and I learned that joining an extra-curricular group was key to enjoying your time at school. If you treat school like something that should be minimized or avoided, you can’t expect to have a good time.

Junior year: the year when things get cooking. For some reason, with the knowledge that you’ve passed the average age of students at DP comes a feeling of great freedom. School wasn’t too much of a chore, and all your friends will be getting their driver’s licenses. Around junior year is when you’ll start to feel the first taste of…*gasp*…adulthood.

But hands down, senior year is the best. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone to disagree with you on this one. Classes get even easier, teachers don’t act like you’re a kid, and you have 9 whole months to cram with as much awesomeness as you see fit. Enjoy it while it lasts though, cause boy does it go by fast.

Moral of the story: hang in there underclassmen, it’s only up from here.


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Senior Reflection: Benjamin Sutton