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Finale of the Hunger Games

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Eating Section | June 4, 2012

Harry: I am a lone pizza-consuming wolf

When the final battleground was decided upon, the others immediately wasted no time in bickering over access to Plaza Deli. Kristen bagsied it, Ben vetoed the bagsy, negotiations ground to a halt. I, however, had a much better plan. Located on the other side of Game Stop from Plaza Deli lies the oasis of delightful Italian cuisine that is Pizza Mizza.

This fine establishment will – for the low, low price of $8.64 – provide you with a personal pizza with a diameter clocking in at twelve delicious inches. They will also throw in two toppings (I went with pepperoni and mushrooms) and a drink. This arrangement pleased me greatly. So greatly, in fact that I stood up on my chair to proclaim just how awesome my pizza was, much to the amusement/embarrassment of my fellow staff members.

The pizza was delicious. The pepperoni added just a hint of spice, the mushrooms lent a delicious element of texture, and the tangy cheese – twinned with the succulently flavourful tomato sauce – made for an absolutely splendid end to my favourite article series of the year.

The glorious pizza and his faithful sidekick Coke.

Ben: I’m gonna make you a sandwich you can’t refuse

So let me start this off by mentioning that only a fool would avoid Plaza Deli when presented with the opportunity to buy food at La Cumbre Plaza. So after the fool in question wandered off to god knows where, it left Kristen, Nicole and I left to see what the New York-style sandwich shop had to offer.

I opted for a sandwich called The Godfather–a personal favorite. It’s a pastrami dip, which means lots of pastrami, melted cheese, and onions served with beef juice (known as “jus” in France) for dipping and lemme tell ya–it’s the danks. I paired it up with one of their signature vintage sodas, in this case a cool fruit punch, and sat back as I enjoyed my sure victory.

This sandwich was forced into exile in the hills of Sicicly for the brutal murder of Ben's taste buds

Kristen: What’s better than being slapped in the face with a wet tuna? Plaza Deli’s Tuna Sandwich.

La Cumbre is my home territory. I live over by La Colina, so I remember biking down to La Cumbre Plaza quite often before I could drive (back when there were actually stores worth going into…) So when we decided to do our final Hunger Games at La Cumbre Plaza, I knew where I was headed immediately.

Unfortunately, La Cumbre Plaza is also Ben’s home territory, so naturally, we both had the same idea: go to Plaza Deli. What is Plaza Deli you may ask? Well, for you Goleta-dwellers, Plaza Deli is only the best sandwich place in the greater Santa Barbara area. I ended up ordering my personal favorite, tuna. Normally tuna sandwiches definitely aren’t my favorite sandwich, but the rich tuna salad paired with the savory sub bread and the assortment of extra vegetables and things (aka tomato, lettuce, onion, etc) makes it the best sandwich there. I also got a cream soda, which complimented the sandwich nicely. Ben and Nicole also followed suit to Plaza Deli, which defeated the purpose of the Hunger Games, but whatever… We’re seniors getting ready to graduate.

The Ninja Tuna strikes again

Nicole:Intelligence gathering points me towards the communal sandwich hole.

After hearing that our next and final installment of the Hunger Games was at La Cumbre shopping center, I immediately sought advice and opinions as to where I could eat for lunch.  Unlike Kristen and Ben, La Cumbre was not my home turf.  After asking many of my friends I quickly saw a solid consensus: Plaza Deli.  This place was, apparently, the place to eat.  The inside of the deli was small but had a very welcoming old-style family feel.  The comforting setting set the tone for the very comforting and tasty twelve inches of sandwich I was about to devour.

Elvis was a Cajun sandwich, he had a Cajun heart

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Finale of the Hunger Games