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An open letter to jerky boys

By Maddy Buie

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By Maddy Buie & Emi Parker | Staff Writers

October 28, 2012

(Note: Not for all boys, but for all the jerks out there.)

Dear Boys,

We’ve noticed many of the poor qualities that shape your personalities and we have constructed a list of the top ten ways to not be a jerk. Here are some habits that could be improved on.

1. Don’t be rude. Being rude to others doesn’t make a guy funny or hot. You are just succeeding in raising your ego. In reality, you look simply stupid in girls’s eyes.

2. Don’t make sexual jokes. Sexual jokes that degrade women aren’t funny! They are disgusting and such a turnoff. Nobody needs to hear that the girl in the seat next to you has a voluptuous butt. You make her feel self conscious when she gets up out of her seat because trust us…she is fully aware that you’re checking her out.

3. Let your personality shine over anything else! Have you ever heard anyone say, “His personality makes him attractive?” It’s true! Boys are so much cuter to girls if they are sweet, funny, and outgoing. If you don’t think you are “cute” in the eyes of a girl, you are probably much more liked than most other guys who are jerks.

4. Don’t sag your pants. Please pull them up! Nobody wants to see those boxers hanging out. You look like a penguin waddling around campus when your pants are down at your knees. We’re sure most people would probably find it hilarious if you tripped over your pants trying to strut around campus. If you “accidentally” forget to change your boxers in the morning everyone who regularly walks behind you in the halls will notice. You probably don’t want to be that guy that everyone looks at with disgust.

5. Don’t compare girls. You are trying to make one girl look like garbage compared to the other girl. What’s the point of comparing two girls who each have something unique about them that the other girl will never have.

6. Don’t use girls. Using girls is one of the most disrespectful thing you could do. Having competitions with your friends to see who can get the prettiest or most girls is simply pathetic. They are people just like you! Don’t lead a girl on and then shut her out. Using someone for your personal desires is shameful. You’re just playing with a girl’s heart.

7. Don’t make jokes about a girl that could hurt their self esteem when they are right in front of you. You may think they are totally clueless and don’t know what you are talking about, but here’s a secret: 99% of the time they do, girls are smart! Chances are, the girl you are making fun of has something just as negative to say about you, but they have the brains to not hurt someone’s feelings.

8. Don’t brag. The best guys aren’t cocky. They have enough self-confidence to not have to brag about themselves. If you brag you are trying to make yourself out to sound great. Honestly, it’s more of a sign of weakness than it is showing off your strengths.

9. Don’t creep on girls by flirting with them if you don’t know who they are. On Facebook, over text, or through a note…it’s weird. It isn’t going to get you anywhere and just makes things awkward.

10. Be nice to all girls not just the ones you want to impress. The majority of girls like well rounded guys not ones that have two sides to them. If you’re a two sided kind of guy, then which side is the real you, the nice or the mean? We don’t know.

We want a real man. You may be attractive or funny, but if you are a jerk you aren’t a real man.



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One Response to “An open letter to jerky boys”

  1. Danielle Dubian on October 29th, 2012 2:25 PM

    Some boys should write up a follow-up letter as a spin-off from this one! It would make things most enjoyable as well to hear from the guys side!


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An open letter to jerky boys