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10 Questions with World History Teacher Mr. Salcido

By Samaya Robinson

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Mr. Salcido has been a world history teacher for 24 years. (Amber Prinz / Photo)

By Samaya Robinson | Staff Writer

November 7, 2012

The fun and lively World History teacher Mr. Salcido strolls into his class with a smile and is always ready to teach.

Being the only teacher that adresses his class as “family” Mr. Salcido is one of the most down to earth, relatable teachers that any student should hope to see on their schedule.

He knows how to make the class inviting and enjoyable throughout the whole period and every student is almost guaranteed to leave his class laughing out loud.

Q: How long have you been teaching World History?

I’ve been teaching World History for 24 years. I’ve enjoyed every single day of teaching just because I get to come to school and smile and laugh. One thing that I tell my friends is that working in education or with students is you get a lot energy from them. There’s a lot of energy here at school and it makes you have energy so hopefully its giving me strength to keep surfing and loving my family.

Q: What motivated you to become a history teacher?

My father was a history teacher and I enjoy current events and discussing topics with students.

Q:  How do you maintain order while being so laid back?

I think I show the students respect and high expectations for them to be successful and I believe they do the same for me.

Q: When did you know you wanted to become a teacher?

My father was a teacher–he taught high school–and my mother was an elementary school teacher, so I grew up with parents being teachers and I grew up loving school, so why not stay in school?

Q: As a student of yours, I’ve found myself laughing out loud. Do you think incorpirating humor when teaching helps with behavior?

I think it’s fun to laugh. I think it feels good to laugh and I like to see students laugh and smile and have a a good time at school. It’s a fun place to be and you see all your friends and we’re working together to grow up.

Q: Why do you think history is important?

History is important because we don’t want to make the same mistakes that other humans have made. Hopefully we’ll be better than that.

Q: What is the best part about teaching high school students?

The maturity–you can talk about serious issues, world issues, or personal issues as long as it legal and appropriate for school. I enjoy the students.

Q: How would you classify yourself when you were in high school? The class clown, nerd, jock, bookworm, goody-two-shoes?

When I was in high school I played football and I surfed and I enjoyed school. I loved school and I loved to laugh at school and I had good teachers.

Q: What is your greatest DP memory?

Well, I met my wife here. My wife Susan was a teacher here and I have lots of friends who are teachers who I surf with and spend family time with.

Q: Even though you graduated from San Marcos, how did you end up at DP?

Well, this is where there was a job when I got out of college, so even though I went to San Marcos and I’m proud to be a royal, I love Dos Pueblos and right now as I’m looking at the view of our school, I mean, it’s beautiful: there are trees and grass and our school is a beautiful school.

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One Response to “10 Questions with World History Teacher Mr. Salcido”

  1. Todd Borden on November 8th, 2012 12:34 PM

    Reading the first three paragraphs of the article, I was struck at how aptly they could have applied to Mr. Salcido’s father as well. I was lucky enough to have been coached by Mr. Salcido’s father, and even was a substitute teacher for him, and it is amazing how closely they share the same values and qualities. We’re lucky to have Mr. Salcido!


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10 Questions with World History Teacher Mr. Salcido