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The Academy receives check from HR club at UCSB

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Representatives of the Human Resources Club at UCSB present a $2,250 check from fundraising proceeds to The Academy at Dos Pueblos High School. (The Academy at Dos Pueblos High School photo)

By Michelle Magnusson for Partners in Education | Guest Opinion

November 8, 2012

There was a lot of excited pointing at the giant check for $2,250 made out to “The Academy” at Dos Pueblos High School.

Last year’s student club officers Ali Shepherd and Emma Merrick, now employed in the community, and adviser Brittany Manzer of UCSB Career Services, presented The Academy teacher Kelly Choi and sophomore students with the results of the Human Resources Club at UCSB fundraiser.

The Academy is a unique setting within Dos Pueblos High School, created to wrap some of the community’s most vulnerable youth with individualized instruction and deliberately strong relationships with both teachers and peers.

The mission of The Academy reflects their desire to ensure that students will graduate despite complex socio-emotional, family and financial challenges.

“We believe that every kid can learn and has a right to an environment that fosters success,” Choi said. “The Academy’s goal is to give students the personalized attention and support they need to be successful in both school and life. We will graduate productive and responsible citizens into our community that have a comprehensive life plan. We believe in student success by any means necessary.”

After Shepherd volunteered at Franklin School with Partners in Education, she knew that Partners would be able to connect her with a worthy cause for the Human Resources Club to support while honing their project management and event planning skills in preparation for employment after graduation.

She said The Academy was a perfect fit for her goal of working to support a program near UCSB that was making a huge impact on students overcoming challenges.

The Human Resources Club at UCSB is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management and Santa Barbara Human Resources Association.

The club is open to all students and provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about the makeup of the workforce of an organization and the internal functions of a business by bringing in local HR professionals to speak on a variety of topics concerning the professional world.

HR Club officers and members continually promote community outreach, increase awareness about the human resources field to local high schools, and contribute to local organizations by increasing club membership and promoting visibility of the club within the community through internships, activities, and other events.

More information about the success of The Academy and its students is available by clicking here.

While the results are dramatic, the student-centered approach is costly. With the support of the Human Resources Club, The Academy can continue to serve students who with extra support are making major changes in their lives.

Partners in Education is a program of the Santa Barbara County Education Office.

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The Academy receives check from HR club at UCSB