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DP art classes reveal individuality

By Ady Willett

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By Ady Willett | Staff Writer and Photographer

February 8, 2013

Soft soothing music and the sounds of paint brushes stroking the paper are some of the typical sounds when you walk through the doors of the Dos Pueblos art rooms.

The creative, peaceful and stress relieving atmosphere draws the attention of many students at Dos Pueblos to join one of the various art classes: photography, ceramics, freehand drawing and painting, and visual arts.

One of the many examples of why students enjoy art at DP is because of the wide variety of art they are able to learn during the classes.

Freehand Draw and Visual Arts teacher Mr. Gleason likes to “keep it fresh” every year by creating new projects.

“The nice thing about art is that it is not standardized yet so we have a lot of freedom as teachers to create new projects and always be kind of innovating” says Mr. Gleason.

This innovation is what makes the DP art classes so unique because students are able to experience different types and styles of art.

One of the reasons why Dos Pueblos has so many talented artists is because of the way each student has a different type of style of art they do. The ceramics teacher, Ms. Bollinger, creates an atmosphere where students from all art backgrounds are able to incorporate their skills into ceramics.

“A lot of the kids who are really gifted come with skills that they’ve learned in other disciplines and they are applying it to ceramics” says Bollinger.

Ms. Kelemen, Dos Pueblos photography teacher, teaches her students various types of photography to help students find which form of photography they are most comfortable with.

The dedicated teachers at Dos Pueblos also help in creating an atmosphere where students can excel in art. Ms. Hemsley, a sculpture and AP studio art teacher in the Engineering Academy is willing to do anything to let her students work on projects even when they do not have a enough money.

“Wherever we can make sacrifices, we do. If I have to buy something myself to make it happen, I just do it” says Hemsley.

With all the sacrifices the art departement has gone through over the past few years, the DP teachers remain optimistic and proud of what their students can accomplish.

“They are all extraordinary. They just don’t know it.” say Kelemen.
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DP art classes reveal individuality