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Daniel Duffy gives back to his roots for DP versus Cabrillo Thunderdome game

By Emma Redick

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By Emma Redick | Sports Editor

December 7, 2012

For Daniel Duffy, professional baseball isn’t just about the glitz and glam of fame.

Professional baseball isn’t just about being able to play his favorite sport for a living.

For Duffy, it’s about giving back.

Tonight, the Dos Pueblos boys basketball team played Cabrillo High School in the UCSB Thunderdome for a pre-season game which was paid for entirely by Duffy.  The entire event included MLB baseball player and Cabrillo High graduate, paying for both teams to attend a pre-game and post-game dinner and renting out the Thunderdome for the teams to play on the center court.

The game ended with a victory for DP, final score 55-53. But the game tonight wasn’t just about walking away with the victory.

Daniel Duffy graduated from Cabrillo High school and currently plays professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals. As a senior at Cabrillo, Duffy finished his season with a 0.60 earned run average (ERA), 127 strike out in 58 and 2/3 innings pitched. The senior was then drafted in 2007 in the third round of Major League Baseball.

Upon graduating from Cabrillo and entering the Major Leagues, Duffy began giving back to the sports program at the high school. The game tonight was just one of the many ways Duffy has given back. He has also donated to the baseball program as he equates much of his success with his head baseball coach in high school, Coach Ozzie.

But for Duffy, this generosity is simply average. This generosity is a necessary part of giving back to his roots.

“I just think it’s a duty for someone who moves on to a higher level of their career,” said Duffy. “Whatever it may be.”

His current career and sports in general have always been a part of his life.

Since age two, Duffy has aspired to play baseball at the level he is at today and grew up watching UCSB basketball games which is how he chose to rent out the Thunderdome.

“The venue is amazing,” said Duffy. “I wanted to give the kids of both schools a taste of a college environment.”

In high school, sports played a big role for Duffy and tonight he was happy to see that sports could be doing the same for younger athletes.

“Looking back, I’m not positive I would have been as motivated to work hard in class if it hadn’t been for baseball.”

But beyond school, Duffy sees giving back as ways to inspire young student-athletes. For him, it’s about showing athletes that in sports there are no limits and had a final message to pass along to all athletes.

“Dont let anyone tell you you cant do something that you dream about doing. I was 5’4” throwing 70 mph my freshman year,” said Duffy.

And look where he is today.

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Dos Pueblos High School's Student Newspaper
Daniel Duffy gives back to his roots for DP versus Cabrillo Thunderdome game