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Tinsel, Tutus and Tights: DP’s annual male ballet

By Bethany Laskin

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Male Ballet Rehearsal 063By Bethany Laskin | Staff Writer

December 17, 2012

When the holiday season comes around Dos Pueblos, the best gift any of us could receive doesn’t come with wrapping paper and bows, but rather in the form of tutus and ‘graceful’ dance moves.

It’s Holiday Package’s infamous male ballet.

For those of you who don’t know, male ballet is the comical event in which dozens of senior boys prance around the stage to songs ranging from Katy Perry’s upbeat pop songs to traditional Christmas jingles – in pink tights, and pink tutus.

A tradition at Dos Pueblos since 1975, the male ballet annually showcases senior boys who sign up to participate in the dances, choreographed by a few girls chosen by the Dos Pueblos Theater Company.

This year our choreographers Anna Houston, Courtney Cambron, and Julia Woodbury, were all chosen because of their active involvement in dancing.

They’ve decided to change up the regular routines we’ve been seeing the past few years and make it an enlightened experience for everyone.

“It will be more choreographed and contain more dances, rather than just lap dances and chair dances,” Anna Houston said.

A lot of the inspiration has stemmed from singers and groups such as the Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce. The song she believes most represents what they’ve been working on is “Milkshake.”

“It’s really funny! I don’t want to give it away, but it’s really funny,” Houston says, laughing.

Dakota Middleton, one of our brave ballet men, said that he originally hadn’t planned on being a part of the tradition, but after seeing that some of his friends had signed up, decided to join as well, and he’s been having a blast ever since.

The best part to him has been “Just showing up, getting to screw around with a bunch of guys, and just have fun.”

“Look forward to lots of flamboyancy…there’s not a dull moment at all. We’re all up there, giving one hundred percent, we’re all really into it!” Middleton forewarns.

Houston agrees, “They’re all really enthusiastic, and they make up their own choreography.”

Middleton says that he’s excited to be able to add his own flair to the ballet through one of his solos. “I get to do a little twenty second improv of what I want to do so I’m really happy about that.”

When asked how he feels about being decked out in ballerina gear, he replied, “Everything comes at a cost and I guess I’ll just suck it up and be in tights and a tutu. But if that’s that cost of having fun and putting on a show, then I’m game!”

Both Houston and Middleton agree, this is sure to be a hilarious show that you will not want to miss!  So be sure to go buy your tickets before it sells out!

Holiday Package showings are Monday-Thursday at 7 pm and a finale show Friday at 9 pm, and you can get your tickets during lunch at the Greek, or try to buy them at the door.

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Tinsel, Tutus and Tights: DP’s annual male ballet