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Top five reasons to go Winter Formal

By Caleb Hawkins

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By Caleb Hawkings | Staff Writer

January 29, 2013

The Top Five Reasons to go to Winter Formal

  1. It’s not in the Gym! It’s not in the Cafeteria! It’s not even in the Earl Warren Dome/Exhibit Building. It’s in the beautiful Warren Hall, no one in the enitre long history of DP has had a dance here. Carve out a mark in history that can never be erased. Dance where no one has danced before!
  2. You don’t need a date! In fact you don’t even need friends! You can make them there at the dance in the Hall. Maybe you will even find true love!* [Editor’s note: The Charger Account will not gaurantee that you will find true love at this year’s Winter Formal and takes no responsibility for this writer’s claims. But you should come anyway.]
  3. It’s cheap!  $12 dollars for students with Charger Cards and $17 for those without. I mean, think about it, what can you really get these days for $12? A dozen dollar burgers from McDonald’s? Three gallons of gas? Maybe one extra-large movie popcorn with ticket not included?  Yeah, not so much. Or you could come to Winter Formal and have the time of your life.
  4. You get to dress up! It’s a “Black Tie Affair!” Can you color coordinate better than your classmates? Are you a high fashion icon waiting to be born? Or do you simply enjoy dressing up like the Great Gatsby? It’s the perfect time to bust out that walking stick, top hat and carnation you always knew you needed. Or don’t dress up. That’s cool too. All styles are welcome. [Editor’s note: that being said, you don’t have to dress up to match the theme–just like with every other dance. And also, not all styles are welcome, as school administration expects you to be wearing at least something and expects it to be within the school’s dress code and moral confines of accepted modern society.]
  5. Finally and most important, it’s the perfect opportunity to up-stage your friends. Time to show off that new dance move you’ve perfected or the one you just invented. Time to prove that your better-half is better than your friends’ better-halves. Time to prove once and for all that you are the best at everything, ever. Time to have some fun.
  6. Yes I know how to count, to 100 at least, but I have one more great reason: go to Winter Formal so you can brag about it to all your San Marcos and Santa Barbara friends who didn’t get to go to the greatest dance party ever. And after you go to this year’s dance, you won’t be able to keep yourself from rubbing it in their faces.
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Top five reasons to go Winter Formal