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Harbaugh Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

Spadoro and Redick battle head-to-head about today's Super Bowl.

By Emma Redick

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By Emma Redick and Philip Spadoro | Sports Editor and staff writer

February 3, 2013

Sports Editor Emma Redick and staff writer Philip Spadoro battle between the two teams heading to the 47th annual Super Bowl.

Philip: Well, it’s that time of year again. The two best teams of the NFL this season will face off to determine who belongs at the top of the football podium and clearly the San Francisco 49ers deserve to have the title of NFL Champions.

Emma: Forget February as the landmark month of love. This first Sunday of February, dedicated to the competition between the two best teams in the league, will result in the Ravens on top. The number one spot will be reserved for the underdogs this season, the Ravens. Everyone loves an underdog and it’s time for someone to upstage San Fran. They’ve had five Super Bowl titles and it’s time to pass the trophy on.

Philip: As much as the underdog story is an inspirational one, it’s hackneyed, over done and just flat out, not going to happen. The 49ers have proven that they are Super Bowl worthy after winning five out five titles. The 49ers are tough competitors and are all around a tough team to beat. Their defense, offense and outstanding coaching has led them to be a cohesive and well-rounded power house for past seasons.

Emma: Although the Ravens are the underdogs, they do have one Super Bowl title under their belt. They have the experience and clearly have had a strong season offensively and defensively. The Ravens have a small taste of the Super Bowl and will be hungry for it again. And what’s even better is that Ravens defensive coach, Dean Pees, is bringing fresh and new strategies to the defensive line. According to a Yahoo Sports article, Pees helped carry the team through injury throughout the season and was a major contributor to the success of, obviously the defense, and the overall success of the team. Plus, the 49ers could be left at a disadvantage after transitioning between so many offensive coaches.

Philip: The 49ers have a strong offense this season as they are ranked 13th overall in offensive DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average). Despite the high offensive ranking, yes, the 49ers did face a floundering offensive season. However coaches that have commented on the issue of the changing offense saying that it did nothing but add to and perfect the offense. Plus, the 49ers are so confident in their defense that they are starting their back up quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, for this big event. The fresh new arm of the offense is going to bring more to this game as the Ravens won’t be able to track him as easily. What’s even more is that Kaepernick is considered possibly one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NIFL, according to an article on SB Nation’s online website.

Emma: If we want to talk quarterbacks, the Ravens have what it takes to take the title this season. There’s no way that Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco is gonna let this Super Bowl slip through his fingers. Flacco has an outstanding completion percentage, near 850 yards and has a zero turnover history this season. I don’t care about a “fresh new arm.” Flacco’s talent will take out any bench-warmer. Maybe the 49ers should reconsider taking a bench-rider into the big leagues.

Philip: The way he is viewed is not nearly as important as how he plays out on the field. It could be his first game ever played in the season but if he finishes the fourth quarter with five touchdown completions and passed 500 yards, the teams still wins no matter how many years the quarterback has under his belt. Kaepernick has proven that he deserves to be the person taking the snap from the center and the person hoisted on the teams shoulders and carried off the field.

Emma: Well today we will see the underdogs come to light and take the glory they have worked so hard for this season. With brothers, John and Jim Harbaugh, as coaches, the game should be incredibly interesting as the rivalry goes beyond battling for a championship. The familial rivalry should add another layer on interest to the game as it isn’t just another football feud. Good luck to the 49ers as they’re going to need it this weekend and good luck to the 49ers fans who are going to loose a lot of money to Super Bowls bets.


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Harbaugh Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers