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Vandals mar buildings and their reputation

By Tyler Bradford

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By Tyler Bradford | Staff Writer

(Caroline Gay / Photo).

(Caroline Gay / Photo).

February 4, 2013

Stealing a mascot. Hanging your flag on another school’s flagpole. Those are pranks. Ruining murals that students and faculty members put countless hours into and defacing another school’s property is not a prank…it’s a felony.

I honestly feel that I could end this article here, but I think I’ve got a little more to say.

First things first, it really looks like San Marcos students are to blame but there’s a rumor going around claiming that this vandalism is the work of Santa Barbara students who are trying to frame San Marcos.

But that doesn’t matter. I’m not speaking  to whomever did this, I’m speaking to every student in our district.

Enough about blame, I’ve already said that I’m not particularly concerned with what school vandalized mine nor am I at all livid. I’m disappointed.

In my years as a Dos Pueblos student and athlete, I’ve always been treated with respect and kindness by students and athletes from other schools. Perhaps that is why I used to hold the students of this district in so high a regard that I refused to let anyone question it.

I expected the students of this district to hold themselves to at least moderately admirable standards. I expected the students of this district to show a decent amount of respect towards their peers regardless of what school they attend. I expected the students of this district to act, at the very least, humane.

Clearly, I expected too much.

This “prank” shows that the students who did this (whom I expected to retain some sense of decency) clearly do not possess the most basic sense of compassion or the common sense to consider the repercussions of their actions.

They have tarnished more than just an exceptional campus, they have marred beautiful works of art and corrupted a once enjoyable rivalry.



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One Response to “Vandals mar buildings and their reputation”

  1. A Charger Account reader on February 5th, 2013 1:11 PM

    I completely agree, Tyler. Vandalism is completely inappropriate, and under the circumstances, this act displayed very poor sportsmanship. I have high hopes that administration at every high school will emphasize vandalism on this type of scale is a criminal act. This destroys hope for humanity, just knowing that people assume that this behavior is fine. This behavior needs to be combatted before students can make any more poor choices. And of course, this is unfair to every student who would never dream of vandaliuzing an entire campus. This problem MUST be addressed.


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Vandals mar buildings and their reputation