Vandalism does not stop Charger spirit

Malika Agrawal

Students make signs to cover up the graffiti (Caroline Gay / Photo).

Students make signs to cover up the graffiti (Caroline Gay / Photo).

By Malika Agrawal | Managing Editor

February 1, 2013

As the morning sun filtered over Dos Pueblos, students trickled in through the hallways to find a deliberate attack on the walls of their school.

Graffiti was plastered all over the Dos Pueblos campus, covering windows of the administration building, the Sovine Gymnasium, the Elings Performing Arts Center, the Greek Theater, the Dos Pueblos Library, and the lockers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeadership arrived on campus at 7 am with the sole intention of decorating for the “Gold Rush to the Greek.” When faced with the incident, Leadership along with the custodial staff proceeded to cover up and restore the damaged property. Leadership made a multitude of spirit signs to restore the Charger pride among the students.

By the end of first period, none of the marring paint was visible to passers by.

Monica Hammonds, assistant principal of Dos Pueblos, “got the call about the vandalism when [she] was at home” and proceeded to pay a visit to San Marcos. “It made me proud that we didn’t drop so low to tag their school.”

This attack only raised the Charger spirit among the students and all stampeded towards the Greek.

Soon enough, from the spirit of the pep rally, the student body forgot the personal attack on Dos Pueblos this morning, and instead focused on being present at the Dos Pueblos versus San Marcos basketball game tonight.


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