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He said, she said: Valentine’s Day

By Tyler Bradford

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(Kierstin Brown / photo)

(Kierstin Brown / Photo)

By Tyler Bradford and Julia Derogatis | Staff Writers

February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day in high school is extreme.

The amount of flowers, chocolate, and PDA (Public Display of Affection) can be more than a tad overwhelming. It’s as if anyone who is even remotely interested in anyone else is required to express their inner feelings through over-the-top displays of affection (i.e. massive teddy bears, dozens of cupcakes, boxes filled to the brim with chocolates, etc.).

Some find these gestures to be overdramatic and superficial, while others consider them sweet and sentimental.

Julia: Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. Although I admit that high school relationships can be a little over-played or insincere, I feel that the idea of having a day to show someone how much you appreciate them is great. Yeah, PDA can be a little awkward, but as long as it’s just one day a year, I can support the idea of showing your girlfriend or boyfriend how much they mean to you.

Tyler: To be completely honest, I think that high school students have completely blown Valentine’s Day out of proportion. Sure, giving someone something nice is a very sweet gesture and it can really show someone that you actually do care about their happiness, but at least from what I’ve seen, most high schoolers dont really understand that. It’s more about showing off and vying for attention than showing actual feelings.

J: As far as feelings go, how do guys feel about Valentine’s Day? Is it a lot of pressure, or do girls find it a bigger deal than guys do?

T: Yes, girls most definitely make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day. Remember what I said about things being blown out of proportion? There it is. I’m not trying to generalize or stereotype the female gender, but you really don’t see that many guys gushing out about how worried they are about Valentines Day.

J: Yeah, and girls freak out! Some even call it “Singles-Awareness Day,” which I think is kind of annoying. If you are single, you are gonna be aware of it, and instead of using Valentine’s Day to focus on being alone, people should use it to focus on all the other great people in their life–or just all the yummy food and treats. You don’t need a boyfriend to eat chocolate and heart shaped cookies. Do you think guys stress out about their relationship status on Valentine’s Day too?

T: Yeah, probably not to the extent that most high school girls do, but there are guys who get overly stressed about this “holiday” and feel worried about who they are or are not with. I definitely don’t think a single guy worries about Valentine’s Day as much as a single girl might. I also don’t like the way the media portrays Valentine’s Day.

J: Like in movies and Hallmark cards?

T: Exactly. Every situation is completely unrealistic and over dramatic. Are two lovers really going to randomly reunite in Times Square ten years after they last saw each other? And is every man going to chase a girl he has only just met into the rain to profess his love for her?

J: Definitely! No, I’m just kidding. Probably not, but I guess the public just loves to think that those dream-like relationships can really happen. But if you watch how most adults celebrate Valentine’s Day, it seems like it is more about real love and connection, like still going on dates after being married for twenty years rather than spur of the moment professions of love. I mean, I love romantic comedies, but my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is seeing older couples who still seem really in love. What about you? What do you like about Valentine’s Day?

T: I’m in complete agreement with you there, I just think that the media hardly ever focuses on that aspect (which is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of Valentines Day), and instead chooses to portray love and romance without any sense of realism and practicality.

J: So to all our fellow high schoolers, maybe this year instead of extravagant stuffed animals and pounds of chocolate, you could refrain from crazy PDA and instead take some time to write your significant other a heart-felt card or organize a special date (outside of school). This will show them that to you Valentine’s Day is more than just a hyped up day of superficial displays of affection.

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He said, she said: Valentine’s Day