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Technology article: fake vs. real

By Maddy Buie

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By Maddy Buie | Staff Writer

March, 2013

There’s nothing beautiful about being fake, but unfortunately not all teenagers think that way.

On a typical Saturday morning, teenagers lazily roll out of bed around 11 a.m.

Most of us are either lounging on the couch reading a magazine, surfing the web, or flipping through our favorite channels.

Every time a teenager interacts with the media they come across women, but not the average everyday woman. They see the “ideal” woman.

Beautiful long skinny legs, big breast implants, slim torso, big hips, flawless spray tanned skin, perfect hair, and a large butt.

What they don’t realize is that the media is able to create this ideally beautiful woman. Technology is used to photoshop, slim and airbrush the image, creating this fake beauty which teenagers think is truely beautiful.

What the media portrays as beautiful is now the image that comes into mind when teenagers think “beautiful”.

Since the new “beautiful” is actually “fake” people don’t understand what true beauty really is.

Shouldn’t a woman’s talents speak more than her appearancce?

Take Adele for example. She’s extremely talented and extrememly beautiful inside and out. Her gorgeous, unique look however isn’t Victoria Secret model material.

So is she beautiful?

Since the media has implanted this idea of beauty into a teenagers head, if we asked students who is more beautiful most of the time they would probably respond that the model is.

However, Adele stands for something more than artificially photoshopped abs or implanted boobs.

Her inspiration and phenomenal character stand for more than her outside beauty.

How is she not more beautiful than a false image of a woman found on the cover of a fashion magazine or in a bikini commercial?

In my opinion she is.

Technology isn’t more beautiful than someone’s soul or their unique look.

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One Response to “Technology article: fake vs. real”

  1. Anonymous on April 1st, 2013 2:28 PM

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Enough said.


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Technology article: fake vs. real