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DP mountain biking team filmed for Deckers promotional video

By Kyra Oakes

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Kyra Oakes | Staff Writer

May 9, 2013

On Friday February 22, 2013 the Dos Pueblos Mountain Biking Team was filmed by Deckers at their practice at Ellwood reserve for a promotional video for the upcoming 2013 version of the Links shoe.

Only 1,000 shoes are in production and the proceeds will support Santa Barbara mountain biking teams, including the mountain biking team at Dos Pueblos. The video will be aired on May 6, along with the launch of the shoe.

3:27 minutes in length (and embedded above), the video introduces the shoe and focuses on the mountain biking community as well as the story behind the shoe; the inspiration of a past employee, Chris Rice.

Chris Rice, an employee at Deckers, was an avid outdoors man with a passion for all types of biking. He passed away late in 2011 leaving an imprint of his positivity and passion on his colleagues and family.

To commemorate Rice’s appreciation of mountain biking, his team at Teva worked closely with his family to create something that spoke to his character and passion. The team worked with Rice’s younger brother Ben, who flew in to their Headquarters in Goleta, to insure that Rice’s life was fully captured in the shoe.

(Kyra Oakes / photo)

(Kyra Oakes / photo)

The 2013 version of the Links shoe is an outdoor mountain biking shoe. The color of the shoe is referred to as CR82, standing for Chris Rice and 1982, the year in which Rice was born. It is equipped with a Spider365 Rubber sole that integrates with mountain biking pedals. It is also constructed of water proof materials and ion-mask technology, which repels water on a molecular level.

The ambient light of the evening’s dusk set a picturesque backdrop for Nathan Garrison, a Deckers employee, to film three of DP’s students, Grace Lewin, Cameron AllenRandolph, and Kyra Oakes. The mountain biking team conducted a pre-ride in anticipation of the Vail Lake Challenge that took place on the following Sunday, February 24th in Temecula before participating in the shoot.

And all of this was possible for the young team, despite being a new addition to the DP campus.

Mountain biking came to DP three years ago and is currently run by Roland Lewin, an economics teacher at DP. Mr. Lewin has recruited students of all grades, each joining the team with a different skill set, different experiences and different goals within the program.

The mountain biking team practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focusing on the various aspects that mountain biking entails through a variety of practices. The location differs depending on the aims of the practice. The team practices at Elings park and Elwood in order to work on the technical aspects of mountain biking, yet resorts to endurance training on the roads if the weather restricts the use of the trails, tackling hills such as Farren Road. The team also participates in cross-training on days spent off the bikes.

The team ultimately  trains in order to compete in the SoCal High School Mountain Biking Racing Series, which consists of six races, including the State Championships that more or less occur bi-weekly throughout southern California. The SoCal High School Cycling League is a chapter of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and was created in 2008 to provided high school student with the opportunity to compete in cross-country mountain bike racing.

However beyond competition, the team members benefit from so much more.

Amanda Blau, who has been a team member for three years, claims that mountain biking is not just a sport, but has rather shaped her life.

“[Mountain biking has] made me a stronger person and taught me to never give up on my dreams.”

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DP mountain biking team filmed for Deckers promotional video