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DP student gains consciousness after car wreck last week

Emma Craine | Managing Editor of Student Life

November 9, 2012

A Dos Pueblos student, Thomas Dwelley, was up on Gibraltar Road on Friday, November 2, driving back to Dos Pueblos High for the football game when he went around a hairpin corner too fast and lost control.

Dwelley rolled 200 feet in his open-top convertible down the side of a steep hill and proceeded out of his car and wandered about 100 yards or so before going to sleep underneath a bush.

He didn’t know it at the time but he had fractured his skull and there was bleeding in his brain after being there for around 18 hours before his dad found him the next day at around 2:00 in the afternoon.

His family called the police Saturday morning, after Dwelley did not return home, but the police would not look for someone unless they had been gone for 48 hours.

So his father tracked Thomas with his cellphone.

His dad drove up Gibraltar, looked over the side of the road, and saw the car crumpled at the bottom of the little ravine.

Dwelley’s father climbed down to the car, but did not find him.

He called his son’s name which proved to be useful because Dwelley responded.

Then his father called the authorities who showed up and helicoptered Dwelley out of the ravine and down to cottage hospital.

The doctors originally thought Dwelley only had minor injuries but he complained of a headache so they ran some tests. After the tests, the doctors found he had a blood clot on his brain and a fractured skull and he underwent surgery to reduce pressure in his skull.

After the two hour surgery, the doctor informed Dwelley’s family and friends that if he had made it into the hospital any later he would have died.

He was then taken into the surgical ICU for awhile.

Dwelley is now slowly recovering and is coming back home today.

Luckily, because of the roll bar in his car, he is still alive and is able to walk, talk, and do everything he could before.

About Emma Craine

Emma Craine is a senior here at DP and greatly enjoys writing for journalism. She is the managing editor and focuses mostly on feature writing for the paper. While Emma used to play volleyball, she now gets to rest and enjoy life a little while also coaching a local volleyball team of fifth and sixth graders. Emma loves her DP family very much and will be sad to go when graduation time comes, but is also equally as excited to start her new life in college.

One Response to DP student gains consciousness after car wreck last week

  1. Ken Allison November 10, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    Thanks Emma,

    Living in New York again and continuing to follow SB News thru Noozhawk So glad to hear the young man is going to be ok….

    My best wishes to him and his family.



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