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Holiday Package Sign-ups

By Malika Agrawal | Managing Editor

Shannon Thoits / Photo

November 14, 2012

Hey DP Chargers!

As winter break creeps closer, it can only mean one thing; the festivities and holiday cheer will reach full bloom during DP’s annual Holiday Package.

Signups for the “male ballet” are available for all SENIOR men outside the little theater right by P-02.

Auditions for the Holiday Package skits will be November 26 and November 27 in the little theater. Anyone can sign up and audition!

If you’re interested in writing scripts for the Holiday Package skits, they will be due November 20th. Please remember to drop off your completed scripts in the box located in the EPAC.

Get ready because the holiday season is near!

About Malika Agrawal

Malika Agrawal is the Managing Editor for News and Opinion. This is her second and final year on the Charger Account.

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