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Finals Week Schedules


By Caroline Gay | Staff Writer

January 13, 2013

Students at Dos Pueblos have been hard at work during the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year. The upcoming week contains not only the last five days of the semester, but also the official “Finals Week,” when students’ diligent efforts culminate in final exams for a multitude of classes across campus.

On Monday and Tuesday, classes will continue with the conventional bell schedule. However, Wednesday (January 16), Thursday (January 17), and Friday (January 18) will have alternate Finals Week schedules.

Wednesday will begin with a standard-length zero period at 6:59 A.M. The rest of the school day will commence at 8:00 A.M., containing two extended blocks of time allotted for first and second period finals. Each will be an hour and fifty minutes long. After lunch, students will attend shorter third and fourth period classes.

Thursday will also begin with a standard-length zero period. However, there will be no late start schedule! Classes will begin the same time as Wednesday, and the morning’s two extended blocks of time will be spent taking third and fourth period finals. After lunch, students are to be present in their fifth and sixth period classes.

Friday will have no zero period and will be an early dismissal day. The morning’s extended blocks of time are set for fifth and sixth period finals. Sixth period will end at noon, officially wrapping up the first semester of the school year.

Since athletics and classes normally scheduled after sixth period are not included in the finals schedule timetable, it is vital for students who have such a class to check in advance with their teachers about attendance on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Students who use MTD buses for transportation should also consult bus schedules if they will begin or end school at an unusual time. Bus schedules will not be altered Thursday morning to account for the earlier start of school.

It is also important for students to keep in mind that some teachers may schedule class finals on different days than allotted for them in DP’s Finals Week schedule.

Students, don’t forget to study hard and get a good night of sleep before your scheduled finals. Furthermore, remember to savor the three day weekend following Finals Week!

Caroline Gay

About Caroline Gay

Caroline is a junior at DP and an editor for The Charger Account. This is her second year on the staff. She has a passion for photography and is a a cultured word connoisseur, which makes her well-suited for journalism.

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