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It’s a black tie affair!

Rita-Hayworth-and-Fred-Astaire-rita-hayworth-30401251-1270-1600By Malika Agrawal | Managing Editor

January 23, 2013

Now that the new semester has begun, Dos Pueblos is holding their annual Winter Formal dance at Warren Hall located in the Earl Warren Showgrounds.

Get ready for a night full of old Hollywood glamour and glitz because the theme of Dos Pueblos’ Winter Formal Dance is a “black tie affair!”

Dos Pueblos students with a Charger Card can purchase tickets for $12 and Dos Pueblos students without a Charger Card can purchase tickets for $17.

If you would like to bring a guest who does not attend Dos Pueblos, you can purchase a ticket for your guest $20.

Tickets are on sale until February 1st at the business office so buy your ticket before they sell out!

Get ready for a night to remember!

About Malika Agrawal

Malika Agrawal is the Managing Editor for News and Opinion. This is her second and final year on the Charger Account.

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