Cheating Series V: Unveiling the myths of cheating consequences

Editorial Board

December 9, 2011

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By Tiana Raihn| Editor-in-Chief| December 8, 2011 There are multiple myths about cheating and the consequences it comes with. Here are few of them that are countered. Myth: You will get expelled for cheating. Truth: There are 1st offenses, 2nd offenses, and additional offenses. After a studen... Read more »

Turn it in…or not?

Sarah O'Hara

December 1, 2011

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By Sarah O’Hara | Staff | December 1, 2011 Next year, students at Dos Pueblos may not be faced with an assignment that is needed to be turned in to In the coming school year Dos Pueblos will not be using ... Read more »