Double-dipping from Adam

By Julia DeRogatis

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Junior Hannah Hishlop found out over Winter Break that she has an extra rib. (Julia DeRogatis / Photo)

Junior Hannah Hislop found out over Winter Break that she has an extra rib. (Julia DeRogatis / Photo)

By Julia DeRogatis | Staff Writer

January 14, 2012

Winter break is a joyous time of presents and cookies, relaxation, or travel. Students come back from their vacations brimming with stories of adventure and new presents.

However, Hannah Hislop’s tale tops them all. She came back from break not with a new car or bike, but with a newly found rib.

Yes, a rib. No longer a boring 24 ribbed human, Hislop now stands out from the crowd with 25.

It all began with a simple massage. Hislop’s friend was rubbing her neck and discovered a weird lump, near the clavicle and between the shoulder and neck.

Understandably, Hislop freaked out.

“I jumped to the worst possible scenario, imagining I had cancer or some harmful, abnormal disease,” Hislop reveals.

Hislop was rushed to her doctor, who took an X-ray, that ultimately identified the mysterious lump, formally known as a cervical rib, which only one in every 500 people have.

Luckily, this extra rib is not harmful. It can cause the occasional numb arm, but overall it will not have much of an effect on Hislop’s health.

“This extra rib situation seems like no problem,” Hislop says optimistically. After having to deal with a herniated disk in her lower back, Hislop has learned to accept the fact that sometimes, the body isn’t perfect.

She is not very concerned about having an extra rib, Hislop just finds her situation funny now that she knows her extra rib won’t interfere with her daily life.

Some people would probably be unwilling to tell their family and friends about something as odd as an extra rib, but Hislop has no reservations, even when faced with her peers reactions.

“People have generally reacted with laughter or curious questions,” Hislop says, “[but] I don’t mind at all because I find it humorous as well.”

Humorous, and quite a good Winter Break story. Hannah will undoubtedly always remember her 2012 break as the time when she discovered how truly unique she is.

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