Charger Spotlight: Emily Robinson, Creator of Worlds

By Nicholas Cleland

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Emily Robinson (Photo | Nicholas Cleland)

Emily Robinson (Photo | Nicholas Cleland)

Just over three years in, and four books penned.

Emily Robinson works as a Dos Pueblos High School senior during the day and moonlights as an author, a creator of worlds with dragons, time travel and alternate dimensions. Robinson has been writing books since a young age, and has continued to do so through high school.

“My goal was to write a book every year in high school, and I did achieve that goal,” Robinson said. “All told, I have five, 300-plus page manuscripts from both during and before high school.”

Robinson’s first book, The Dome, the story of an organization that tries to take advantage of the abilities of children, has been published, and is available for purchase on Amazon. Robinson wrote The Dome in eighth grade, and it has sold over 150 copies. Her other books are still in the process of making it onto the shelves of bookstores.

“I get a lot of inspiration on long car rides when I get to see things I normally don’t,” said Robinson. “Sometimes I’m inspired by a plot twist in another book or movie, and I try to emulate the surprise I felt when it was revealed.”

Robinson described her cure for the disease that ails students and authors alike: writer’s block. “I try to do something different. I’ll talk with people about the storyline or the characters, and attempt to rekindle the inspiration I need to keep writing,” she said.

Robinson aspires to continue writing in college, but her interests in mechanical engineering, computer game science, creative writing, and psychology will take a higher priority, she said.

Robinson described her writing process as a mildly disorganized, tumultuous journey. “I’m doing something totally ordinary (driving to school, sleeping, waiting in line, sitting in class, etc.) and something unordinary happens. Sometimes I notice it and sometimes I don’t, but a scene will pop into my head, or even just a string of words. I’ll grab a piece of paper or stumble out of bed and scribble down as much of it as I can before I lose it. Later, I come back and there’s all these random pieces of stories and characters strewn about on the whiteboard in my room. I then weave them together, and they create the beginning of a story.”

Currently, Robinson is in the process of editing her fourth of five manuscripts with the help of an agent in Washington D.C.

“It’s a long, slow journey, but I’m really looking forward to what comes next,” said Robinson.

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