Music Review: “The Dream Walker”

By Lauren Caspersen

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"The Dream Walker" album artwork (photo / To The Stars)

“The Dream Walker” album artwork (photo / To The Stars Records)

Fast paced, tantalizing modern beats flow through Angels & Airwaves’ new album “The Dream Walker.”

Angels & Airwaves first took off in 2005 when lead singer Tom DeLonge, lead singer of famous punk rock band Blink-182, decided to start a side project when Blink-182 went on hiatus.

DeLonge worked alone for a brief period of time on some new material before he started recruiting members for the new band. Apart from DeLonge, the band currently consists of Ilan Rubin on drums, David Kennedy on the electric guitar, and Eddie Breckenridge on bass.

The band’s sound is alternative rock, with ethereal beats and sounds, also known as spacial rock. DeLonge stated in a past interview that he sees Angels & Airwaves as a kind of “multimedia project.”

“The Dream Walker,” released Dec. 9, is their fifth studio album. The album features 10 engaging and for the most part well-textured and -produced tracks. “The Dream Walker” reached number 39 on the Billboard 200, and first-week sales showed that the album sold 19,088 copies within the United States.

One gift Angels & Airwaves has is an ability to create a sound that captures and intrigues an audience the whole way through an album, which is particularly evident in their latest album. The band’s beats in “The Dream Walker” are fast-paced. Instrumental rhythms, synthetic sounds and mixes come together to create a surreal feel as well as texture to the work.

Songs such as “The Wolfpack” and “Kiss With A Spell” seem to bring back sounds and lyrical arrangements that are reminiscent of their past works.

The band’s first studio album “We Don’t Need to Whisper” featured melodies more precise and pronounced than those on their newest album. “The Dream Walker,” though as a whole has admirable traits, lacks the structure that can be seen more with their past work. This album did have a slightly more pop sound, but for the most part the band has still kept their traditional space rock melodies.

Overall, I enjoyed this album. “The Dream Walker” can be purchased on iTunes or at a local music store.

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