Music Review: “Evermotion”

By Lauren Caspersen

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Guster's "Evermotion" (atrwork / Ocho Mule Records)

Album atwork for Guster’s new release “Evermotion” (photo / Ocho Mule Records)

Guster’s new album “Evermotion,” released Jan. 13, exudes a down-to-Earth smoothness that captures the audience’s ear right from the start with their first song “Long Night.”

Guster was formed back in Boston, Mass. in 1991 and is most famous for their song “Satellite” from their 2006 album “Ganging Up on the Sun.” The band was formed when the members were at a Wilderness Orientation program for their freshmen orientation at Tufts University.

For the first two years of the Guster’s career, they remained mostly an underground alternative rock band. Their third studio album out of seven, “Lost and Gone Forever,” broke them out of their underground scene and allowed them more publicity from a wider audience. Currently the band fits into the indie and alternative rock genres.

Guster is widely known for their wide variety of instruments used in their albums. Ryan Miller plays an assortment of instruments for the band, including (but not limited to) bass, piano, harmonica and the keytar. The band also consists of lead singer Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel who plays drums and Luke Reynolds who plays guitar.

“Evermotion” has a carefree and smooth sound, which can be heard particularly well when listening to the songs “Lazy Love” and “Gangway.”

Core elements of this album are steady drum beats that combine with memorable lyrics to create catchy sounds. One lyrical highlight of the album is “Long Night,” in which Gardner sings, “Can’t unsee the things I saw, fallen devils, false gods, in the violent light / Was it always this magnificent? Cause it feels so different in the morning light.”

I would give “Evermotion” a three and a half out of five stars. Guster’s latest album is intruiging, and I would recommend it to anyone in need of unique tunes.

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