Be honest with us, at least for today

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By Jamie Chilton | Staff Writer | February 14, 2012

So, it’s that day again, it comes once a year and is never just a “whatever” day.

It’s good, or it’s bad, no in between, no exceptions.

On Valentine’s Day, you wake up knowing she’s expecting something, you’re excited, but at the same time you don’t know if she’ll like it. Oh well, gotta jump into it sometime.

Armed with your chocolate rose and silly teddy bear that you couldn’t care less about, you fire up your car or jump on the bus.

Phase 2 of the pass/fail mission: school.

You arrive, you see her, and she sees what you’re holding.

The things you’ve been planning to say all morning collide together to produce a simple (and seemingly stupid) statement.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

She loves it. The chocolate rose is suddenly the greatest thing she has ever tasted and the silly bear is the physical symbol of your young love.

That is probably, realistically, without over planning, the best it will go.

But what about when it doesn’t go well?

Girls tend to confuse boys by giving them mixed signals.

First of all, the food thing. You ask your wonderful partner what she wants to do for lunch.

She replies, “Oh, I’m not hungry.”

So, your plan of action is to buy a bag of Doritos and a Monster for yourself.

You sit back to devour your man food when BAM! Your girlfriend is eating all your food, and you are left with nothing. Weren’t hungry, huh?

Second, the whole “lying to seem cool” thing.

“Hey have you heard Alternative Ulster by The Stiff Little Fingers?”

She of course replies, “Yes, I love that song.”

Women of the world let me tell you, our first thought is “No, you have not.”

So we quiz you on it, and then the excuses start pouring out.

“Well, I think I’ve heard it.”

“I’m not sure, sounds familiar.”

“I’ve heard part of it!”

Just admit it! Honestly! It’s ridiculous!

Third (and there are so many more but I’ll stop here), when there is clearly, unmistakably something wrong, don’t expect guys to automatically know what the matter is.

“Whats wrong?”

A simple question, an inquiring question, only asked because someone cares. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t ask. Then there is the inevitable answer.


Girls claim they say this to test whether we will continue to ask, to see if we really care. Don’t test us. Seriously, we know where this is headed, so we stop asking.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, all that I’m asking is that you girls cut us some slack.

For all that we go through to try to impress you, just be honest with us.

That’s all I’m asking, at least for today.

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