2017: The Start to Rewarding Resolutions

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2017: The Start to Rewarding Resolutions

Photo credit: Maya Al Sabeh

Photo credit: Maya Al Sabeh

Photo credit: Maya Al Sabeh

By Maya Al Sabeh, Feature Editor

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At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, many hopefuls embark on a new journey to reinvent themselves. Well, it has been over a month since New Year’s day and many people are making a change for the better. Unlike what most would expect, this change is focused on internal fine-tuning rather than temporary external fixes.

It has been heard many times before “I’m hoping to lose weight this year” or “I want to reinvent my wardrobe,” but these resolutions are often short-term and may still leave people unhappy and discontent with their results.

This may be one reason why a group of students this year have resolutions that are not only attainable, but that allow themselves to feel more content internally. Rather than viewing these resolutions as complete changes in lifestyle, they view them as opportunities to make their year just a little bit better.

Daniel Kelly, a junior at Dos Pueblos High School, has decided to focus on strengthening his relationship with his younger sister. For the next year, he hopes to give daily compliments to his sister.

“My sister and I fight a lot, not like maliciously or anything, so I just thought it would be nice to say one thing everyday,” Kelly said.

For the past month of doing so, Kelly has received some pretty interesting reactions from his sister.

“I’ve given her a compliment everyday so far, except for one,” Kelly said. “I never told her about my resolution but it’s pretty obvious because it comes out of nowhere and usually I don’t give her a compliment every single day, so I think she appreciates it”.

Kelly mentions that his sister has been giving compliments back, reciprocating the kindness that he has promised to share for the new year.

It may seem a bit unconventional to make resolutions geared towards benefiting others, but in a sense the benefit is mutual; it gives others that extra boost of confidence and allows those who are doing the favor to feel fulfilled from their accomplished goals.

Another students who is hoping to rectify some lost relationships is junior Kesseia Basa. After leaving her family back in the Philippines, she began to feel disconnected and distant from them. The feeling of detachment stood out when she recently visited them.

“I was there during Winter Break, and when I went there it was super weird because we haven’t been talking in a long time and we haven’t been talking online either. It was just very awkward,” Basa said.

Basa admits that she has not made much effort in the past to keep in touch, but stresses that it is mostly due to the difference in time zones. Regardless of the regional differences however, she is trying to do her best to keep in touch with her family and friends overseas.

After finals week was over, most students could not wait to take a break from the books, but junior Sam Haj is unlike most students. With the studious resolution to read more books, Haj could not wait to fully immerse himself in the wonders of a good book.

“I take every opportunity I can these days to read,” Haj said. “But what with school, college exams, and homework. I’ve been so swamped that I am only able to read for a fraction of the time I used to”.

Haj has made it his new year’s resolution to proceeds to talk about how vital it is to read for mere enjoyment, especially since school has made reading seem like a tedious activity. Being an avid reader since elementary school has not only served him well creatively, but academically as well.

“Not only is reading extremely satisfying for me, but it is a stellar way to learn new words and expand your vocabulary,” Haj said.

The New Year is a time of reflection for many; a chance to evaluate one’s state of mind and their connection to others. Taking the time to examine the value of one’s goals and how positive of an impact they can have on other’s lives serves as greater motivation than the lense of criticism through which most people view themselves.

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