Improving the Cleanliness and Quality of DP’s Campus

By Sierra Cavaletto, Staff Writer

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Students gather in front of the library as Beauty DP began on Feb 10. They await instruction from head counselor and head of NHS, Susie Stone.
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With Saturday, Feb. 10 being the last beautify DP to allow Nation Honors Society members to qualify for their fall NHS community service hours, the event brought together a large population of students working together to clean the Dos Pueblos campus.

Attendees began their morning by checking in at the library, so that they could quickly sign in to ensure their two-hour community service requirement would be recorded before getting to work. DP’s head counselor Susie Stone directed the students to start weeding around the EPAC, and to collect trash around campus.

Stone has assumed the position of primary organizer of Beauty DP and is the head advisor for the National Honors Society

“A few years ago, National Honors Society decided to pair up with Beautify DP as part of the community service project,” Stone said.

Senior and ASB Environmental Commissioner Miles Raymond was at Beautify DP helping his peers by instructing them on where to work, and showing them where to get gloves and tools.

“I come to beautify DP because it’s part of my commissionership,” Raymond said. “I lead it and plan what we’re going to be doing for the day and how we’re going to do it.”

At a previous Beautify DP, there was mulch placed to shorten the work load. The mulch that was placed where dirt and weed sprouts used to be makes it harder for the weeds to grow back.

“We do a lot of mulching around because it looks nicer,” Stone said. “It also helps with plants being able to retain water better, especially as we’re in a drought, it helps. It also makes it harder for the weeds to take root.”

Senior Tara Van Hoorn, the second Environmental Commissioner, has noticed an increase in new students who attend beautify DP each month alongside those who have previously helped out, which has greatly benefitted the project’s goals.

“There’s a lot of them that come regularly because they rely on it for community service,” Van Hoorn said. “There’s a key group of kids that come to all of them and help out which is pretty cool.”

For many dedicated DP students, Beautify DP not only gives them an opportunity to make friends and gain community service, but it also allows them to positively impact the campus’ beauty and cleanliness.


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