False Puppet: CANCELLED

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Diandra Jordan and Rachel Amspoker | Staff | April 11, 2012 

In an unfortunate turn of events, False Puppet is unable to perform on their scheduled show in DP’s Greek on April 20th.

Photo courtesy of www.falsepuppet.com

Vice Principal Ms. Hammonds told the Charger Account that the cancellation is due to a “personal reason” of one of the band members,” and they are ‘bummed’ that they cannot make their appearance.

There is no current replacement scheduled for the show.

Hammonds is hoping The Mobile Cafe food truck company, who is putting on the concert, will come through with a replacement band. If not, Hammonds and Mr. Guttentag claim to have a ‘back up plan’.

If any students are in a band or know someone who would like to perform, please contact Ms. Hammonds as soon as possible.

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