On Asking that Special Someone to Prom

By Holly Bailey

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By Holly Bailey | Staff Writer

April 22, 2014

In a few weeks, I will be able to check an item off from my bucket list, one that is likely on everyone’s list– prom.

However, I can also check off another exciting, albeit nontraditional, undertaking — asking a guy to prom.

To be completely honest, prom may be a bit overhyped. I mean, people warn that if you don’t go to this one formal dance in high school, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. That may be true, but only if you don’t have anything more exciting to look forward to in the sixty plus years afterward.

Nevertheless, it is a rite of passage in some respects, especially since it is so close to graduation. After all, this is a dance astronomical enough to spawn a spinoff — morp.

Prom allows ladies to indulge in unrestrained girliness when they scour the city for a beautiful dress and spend a day getting pampered, as well as provides an opportunity to make lifelong memories with friends and dates.

Yet all these activities are overshadowed by the elephant in the room — who they’re going with.

Going with friends is a viable and respectable option, but there’s just something about prom that prompts the hunt for a date.

Maybe it’s because the stereotypical prom, complete with gorgeous gowns and handsome dates, has been so engrained in young minds as the ultimate dream of senior year (besides graduation, of course!).

Maybe it’s because this dance is some people’s last opportunity to get a taste of the dating world they may have missed out on in high school.

Or maybe it’s because people don’t want to look lame when they show their dateless prom photos to their children.

Either way (hopefully not the latter), if you’re contemplating asking that special someone, here are a few tips from a girl who literally just ‘went for it’ and asked a guy to prom herself.


Tip #1 — Make sure you actually want to go to prom with this person. Imagine yourself dancing the night away at the Bacara with your possible date. If you see yourselves on the sidelines the entire time, or worse, just you sitting there as he hits the dance floor, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of that path altogether.

Tip #2 — Don’t ask a random person you barely know. That’s just awkward all the way through, from the promposal to the actual event itself. I contemplated asking the person I used to have a crush on, but barely actually talked to. Then I imagined myself randomly getting asked by someone I didn’t know very well, and changed my mind about asking him. Bottom line — ask a good friend.

Tip #3 — Don’t do the big “promposal” if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. A huge sign and tons of balloons aren’t absolutely necessary to ask someone out, though it is certainly flattering. Low key is perfectly fine as well. I asked my date while we were having a normal conversation, and I wouldn’t do it all over again differently.

Tip #4 — Have confidence. If you ask this person in a tone that sounds like you’re not quite sure he’ll say yes, then — surprise — he might not say yes. Excitement is contagious, so spread it!

Tip #5 — Asking a guy is not a big deal. There are some who flaunt their quest to fight the promposal stereotype, but I just don’t see it as a momentous revolution. There were hardly any feelings of anxiousness or thoughts of rebellion involved. It was simply a down to earth normal question.

All in all, do prom your way. Whether you get asked by a guy, muster the courage to ask him yourself, or go with friends; ride with your date, parents, or on a party bus, just do whatever will make your prom the most fun. You do you guys (in the words of Johan).

It’s a night to remember, after all!

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