Senior Activities Kick off with DP’s 2018 Senior Assembly

By Jaden Gill, Editor-in-Chief

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Photo Credit: Gemma Sturgeon
Miles Raymond (12), Madison Montag (12), and Jack Sipes (12) in their Men's Wearhouse attire. The three seniors started off the assembly and MC'd the event.
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Dos Pueblos’ highly anticipated Senior Assembly took place in the EPAC on April 27, and marked the first of many senior activities scheduled for May and June.

After their second period classes, the senior class gathered in the EPAC for the assembly. Multiple videos played on the screen, including a Carpool Karaoke segment where DP students and faculty danced and sang along to radio hits as the staff shared some advice to graduating seniors.

Senior and Leadership’s Athletic Commissioner Julia Forster was one of the several participants in this Carpool Karaoke video.  

“The process of Carpool Karaoke was not as easy as it looked,” Forster said. “Singing and dancing was the fun part, but DP News and the Senior Class Officers worked really hard to make sure the cameras were placed properly and the windows were covered with green paper to give the car a moving affect.”

Next came the Prom Fashion Show in which seniors modeled dresses from David’s Bridal Store and tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse. Senior and Senior Class Historian Mabel Lam organized the fashion show and was met with challenges during the process, but was proud of the final outcome nonetheless.

“Every year the same store sends us dresses to use so we can advertise for them, but they closed down recently, so we had to find another store and that’s how we got to David’s Bridal Store,” Lam said. “Planning the show was really stressful, but I think it turned out amazing.”

Senior and Senior Class Treasurer Diego Carbajal participated in the Prom Fashion Show and was also a part of the Prom theme decision process, which was also revealed during the assembly.

“We started off by brainstorming around 30 to 50 theme ideas, then we slowly narrowed it down,” Carbajal said. “We collectively decided that we would make our prom an outdoor, forrest type thing. We finally came up with our actual theme which was An Evening in the Evergreens.”

Before lunch, speaker Johan Khalilian delivered a powerful speech in which he urged the seniors to take risks and stand up for what they believe in, without being afraid of seeming a little “crazy.” He brought up numerous questions in an attempt to get the class thinking about ways they can make a difference in the world after completing their high school careers.

“How many of us allow ourselves to step into a moment where we can just talk about our lives and honestly talk about the world we’re living in,” Khalilian said. “How can we dream or imagine or picture something different? How can we contribute?”

Seniors soon dispersed for lunch, rejoining afterwards to turn in forms for Gradbash at Universal Studios and view the Senior Class Lipdub which was filmed earlier in the year.

The Senior Assembly gave the Leadership Class and DP staff an opportunity to present important information regarding upcoming senior activities, while giving the seniors a chance to come together and express their excitement for Gradbash, Prom, Graduation, and more.

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