Coach York and Tim Heiduk Receive Accolades for Stellar Season

By Bill Mortensen

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Tim Heiduk, winner of MVP, and Coach York, winner of Coach of the Year on the field of DP's Scott O'Leary Stadium (Photo / Loren Young)

Tim Heiduk, winner of MVP, and Coach York, winner of Coach of the Year on the field of DP’s Scott O’Leary Stadium (Photo / Loren Young)

At the conclusion of the soccer season, in which Dos Pueblos finished 6-0-2 in League play, Coach Matt York was named Channel League Coach of the Year. In addition, Tim Heiduk was voted Offensive MVP for the Channel League.

Led by a group of veteran seniors, the team won the Channel League title for the first time since 1983.

“We had a good core group of guys and a bunch of three-year varsity guys, so I think they kind of knew what to do in the off-season to get better,” York said.

DP’s offensive attack was spearheaded by senior captain and Westmont college commit Tim Heiduk, who has previously been selected as both a First- and Second-Team All Channel League player before taking home offensive MVP this year.

In addition to a strong offense, DP fielded a stifling defense. Led by First Team All-Channel Leaguers Drew Richard, Alex Matthews, and Jonathan Garcia, they posted five shutouts in eight games and only allowed a total of five goals.

To cap it all off, they were coached by back-to-back Channel League Coach of the Year winner Matt York. York shared the award with Santa Barbara’s Todd Heil last year before winning it outright this year.

“We’re kind of on a third or fourth year roll, which led us to a league title, and I’m hoping that the juniors we have this year will help us make another run at the league title next year,” York said.

The full list of All-Channel League Players is listed below (DP players and coaches in italics)


Coach of the Year: Matt York, Dos Pueblos

Offensive MVP: Tim Heiduk, Dos Pueblos

Defensive MVP: Angel Cervantes, Santa Barbara

First Team:

Noah Omomo, Ventura

Sohrab Haji Agha Bozorgi, Ventura

Chairat Puengrod, Buena

Nicolas Schaefer, Buena

Kaden Clark, Buena

Brandon Sanchez, SB

Peter Ruiz, SB

Jorge Garcia-Torres, SB

Sean Estabrooks, SM

Jonathan Garcia, DP

Alex Mathews, DP

Jessie Jimenez, DP

Drew Richard, DP

Second Team:

Dylan Remedios, Ventura

Efern Ramirez, Ventura

Heraclio Aleman, Buena

Alexis Jaimes, Buena

Freddy Pacheco, SB

Celso Lagunas, SB

Andy Mandrell, SM

Jake Castanha, SM

Cesar Velasco, SM

Walter Hernandez, DP

Geoffrey Chappaz, DP

Adrian Lopez, Ventura

Luis Zamora, Buena

Alonso Salamanca, SB

Calvin Schipper, DP

Honorable Mentions:

Luis Rizo Ventura

David Sjollema SB

Adrian Gamez SB

Romario Martinez SM

Kyle Carter SM

Eric Carcia SM

Pablo Santiago SM

Zack Godeck Buena

Matthew Martinez Buena

Shawn Stripple Ventura

Giovanni Paredes Ventura

Nathan Garcia DP

Goivanni Paredes DP

Jack Combs Ventura

Josh Frogiacomo Ventura

Freddy Carachure SM

Tanner Mees SB

Rafael Salmeron SB

Sutter Munizich SB
(All-Channel League list from Presidio Sports)

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