DP Encourages Bike to School Day to Support Sustainable Transportation

By Emily Kuhn, Staff Writer

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DP students gathering in the Greek at lunch for Bike to School Day themed activities. Dan Willett (12) and Haley Ryckman (12) organized the activities on May 9.
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How did you get to school today?

Dos Pueblos hosted an event encouraging sustainable transportation on May 9. The event was sponsored by COAST: the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation.

The organization has been speaking at local schools for several years now in order to get students to see the importance of utilizing transportation methods that are not harmful to the environment.

High school advocate Bree Duffy came to DP to speak about transportation and brought fun prizes such as bike bells, reusable water bottles, stickers, and a blenders gift card for winners of the raffle. Duffy works at Bicycle Bobs and believes that educating high school students about sustainability can be really impactful because they carry over what they’ve learned into adulthood.

Students who walked, biked, took the bus, or carpooled to school were allowed to enter a ticket to win the prizes. DP students Haley Ryckman and Dan Willet led the event and encouraged students to come to the Greek and participate in activities. One of the activities included students riding a bike that made their own smoothies by using the pedaling motion to turn the blade of a blender.

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