Local Color Preview

By Emma Craine

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Emma Craine | Staff Writer | May 10, 2012

A community of artists have come together to share their talents, inspiration, and love of art with the greater DP community, all in one little magazine.

Local color is Dos Pueblos’ art and literary magazine, which means that the editors collect student artists’ work and comprise them into a reader-friendly publication for all to read and gaze upon.

Found object sculpture of "Fairyland" by Jackie Botts and Laura Voyen

One of the editors-in-chief and heads of the Local Color Club on campus, Jackie Botts, describes the magazine experience as being primarily about talented artists being appreciated.

“I think Local Color is really incredible because it’s a really professional and rewarding outlet for artists at DP to become published.”

Some incredibly talented artists who spend their lives flying under the radar get showcased in the areas of photography, digital art, sculpture, and traditional art.

It is an all student run club, and the layout itself is very art and design oriented.

Botts and co-editor-in-chief Rachel Hug want everyone to be able to enjoy the magazine – students, teachers, family, the community – and not just the artists in it.

They took careful deliberation when sorting through over 1,000 submissions, whittling them down to about 100 selections. The selection process was based first on many rounds of choosing the works of highest caliber, but there were too many to fit onto 60 pages. Once Botts and Hug got the selections down to a pretty uniform artistic caliber, they began selecting based on how they felt the pieces would fit into various visual themes in the magazine and how they meshed with the feel of the magazine as a whole.

Page Layout

“We went for a lot of variety in ideas and style. Unfortunately, there was no way around deselecting quite a few really awesome submissions.”

Botts described the random occurrence of a “theme” that usually presents itself to the editors-in-chief, in which case they follow the path that it generally takes them in terms of the type of art to pick. Completely unplanned and generally not too noticeable, this “theme” seemingly guides the magazine anonymously to a place of cohesion.

“The general visual theme was a sort of clean, very simple layout in which we tried to maximize the amount of space each piece got with little distraction. We also organized the pieces thematically.”

These magazines will most likely go on sale this Wednesday, May 16, in art rooms on campus while other places and times of sale are still to be announced.

Botts and the rest of the Local Color team are all very excited about the distribution of this amazing product and can’t wait to share such special art with the community.

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