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Is Prom Worth the Hype?

Students on the dance floor at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort where Prom was hosted. The 2018 Prom began at 9 pm and ended at 12 am.

Students on the dance floor at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort where Prom was hosted. The 2018 Prom began at 9 pm and ended at 12 am.

Students on the dance floor at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort where Prom was hosted. The 2018 Prom began at 9 pm and ended at 12 am.

Students on the dance floor at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort where Prom was hosted. The 2018 Prom began at 9 pm and ended at 12 am.

The Prom Preparations Pay Off

We’ve all grown up watching cliche high school drama movies, where the most popular girl in school plasters her face on sparkly posters all around campus in an attempt to win prom-queen.

The boring old school gym gets transformed into an extravagant atmosphere with decorations of all kinds. Strings hang from the ceiling and lights of all different colors flash the dance floor.

I have been looking forward to this dance since I watched Troy and Gabriella sing A Night to Remember in High School Musical 3. Although at Dos Pueblos, prom isn’t as extreme and doesn’t hold such high standards.

Prom season means Promposals, which are a huge part of the pre prom excitement. They vary from very intimate gestures between already existing couples, to excessive posters and flowers in front of a crowd of people.

The events leading up to the day is what I find to be the most exciting: Picking out a dress, waiting impatiently for someone— whether it’s your significant other, or your best friend to ask you to prom, dolling up with friends and the golden hour pictures taken by the courthouse.

Prom consists of a massive dance floor, dimmed lights, kids having fun, tables full of sweets and everyone’s favorite part, the chocolate fountain.

For seniors, prom is one of the last nights that the upperclassmen can spend together, dancing and singing alongside the people they spent the past four years of their lives with.

It’s hard to have all of your friends in the same place, and prom is the perfect time to spend time with all the people you promised you’d hang out with without the pressure of actually hanging out with them.

For underclassmen on the other hand, we get to say goodbye to our senior friends by having fun.

Prom is a staple in one’s highschool experience. Most students look forward to this night for years, which is why it’s important to attend. And, who doesn’t want to focus on something other than exams and finals for one night?


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    Attitude Adjustment: Why Prom Isn’t as Perfect as it Could Be

    First things first: I enjoyed Prom.

    I had a great time getting dressed up, eating fancy dinner, and dancing with friends that night; there isn’t much that could change that fact.

    However, this isn’t to say that Prom was absolutely perfect and that nothing should be changed, because it wasn’t, and I can certainly think of a few things that could change.

    For one, the sheer amount of time, effort, and money that’s required to get into Prom is a bit ridiculous.

    Prom can easily run a teenager down a few hundred dollars after paying for new clothing, admission, and dinner alone. While a few hundred dollars may seem inconsequential to parents and those with rich families, it means a lot more to broke seniors forced to pay themselves while they’re preparing for a life beyond college, or already struggling with bills.

    All that money spent never culminates into anything in the future. It’s all just immediately spent and never used again, which is disastrous to any budget.

    In terms of effort and time, even though Prom and its’ preparations can be covered in a weekend, Prom season typically begins a month before Prom even happens.

    Unnecessary amounts of stress and pressure comes with crafting Promposals, worrying about the theme, getting dressed up, and figuring out logistics for transportation and dinner beforehand.

    All of the stress, pressure, and money spent would be fine to me though, as long as the end result was worth the price paid to get there. But after my (admittedly watered- down) experience at Prom, I’m still wondering if it was all worth it.

    Yes, I had fun, but did I really have an $80 ticket’s worth of fun? Did I have a $40 dinner’s worth of fun? Did I have a couple hundred dollar suit’s worth of fun?

    Even though I pretty much attended Prom for free, I can certainly imagine my life if I did have the full experience, and I can say with some confidence that no, Prom is not worth its’ weight in cash.

    The biggest factor was the music, which was a strange mix of crunk, pop rap, the occasional country song, and a singular slow dance song. The only ones that really got the crowd moving were Miley Cyrus’s Party in the U.S.A., Drake’s God’s Plan, and the classic Cha Cha Slide. Even when they managed to find a song that rang with the crowd, it was ruined one way or another either by poor song pacing or cutting the song at bad times.

    The worst offender was when they played God’s Plan, which ended in a few people storming off the dance floor in frustration after it was cut off before its’ most well-known and celebrated verse that, if played, would’ve ensured a fully coordinated and screaming crowd of kids.

    It also didn’t help that there was only one real slow dance song, which ruined the pacing of the entire night by never providing the crowd with breaks or chances to slow down their night.

    And while the music and pricing of Prom merits its’ own article, all of the other issues can be solved pretty easily by just being a little more casual about Prom.

    I understand that it’s nice to have this huge one-in-a-lifetime dance in your life, and I understandthat it’s a hugely important event to many people.

    I also enjoyed Prom, so much so that I have no doubt that I’m going next year.

    But when I see students spending money that they don’t have on one-time use things like Limousines or elaborate clothing, or stressing and panicking over Promposals, or struggling to juggle their academic work with Prom prep, I can’t help but feel that there needs to be a bit of an attitude adjustment.

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