The Prom Preparations Pay Off

By Sofia Gerli, Staff Writer

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We’ve all grown up watching cliche high school drama movies, where the most popular girl in school plasters her face on sparkly posters all around campus in an attempt to win prom-queen.

The boring old school gym gets transformed into an extravagant atmosphere with decorations of all kinds. Strings hang from the ceiling and lights of all different colors flash the dance floor.

I have been looking forward to this dance since I watched Troy and Gabriella sing A Night to Remember in High School Musical 3. Although at Dos Pueblos, prom isn’t as extreme and doesn’t hold such high standards.

Prom season means Promposals, which are a huge part of the pre prom excitement. They vary from very intimate gestures between already existing couples, to excessive posters and flowers in front of a crowd of people.

The events leading up to the day is what I find to be the most exciting: Picking out a dress, waiting impatiently for someone— whether it’s your significant other, or your best friend to ask you to prom, dolling up with friends and the golden hour pictures taken by the courthouse.

Prom consists of a massive dance floor, dimmed lights, kids having fun, tables full of sweets and everyone’s favorite part, the chocolate fountain.

For seniors, prom is one of the last nights that the upperclassmen can spend together, dancing and singing alongside the people they spent the past four years of their lives with.

It’s hard to have all of your friends in the same place, and prom is the perfect time to spend time with all the people you promised you’d hang out with without the pressure of actually hanging out with them.

For underclassmen on the other hand, we get to say goodbye to our senior friends by having fun.

Prom is a staple in one’s highschool experience. Most students look forward to this night for years, which is why it’s important to attend. And, who doesn’t want to focus on something other than exams and finals for one night?


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