“Drop the Mask of Drug Abuse” Project on Display in Library

By Hoku Kern, News Editor

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The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, or CADA, as it is more widely known, began the Committed Campaign, to inspire young people to think about the choices they make, and the impact these choices have on their lives. The CADA Committed Campaign presents the opportunity to raise awareness about drug and alcohol use, commit to changing unhealthy behaviors, and promote a positive drug free lifestyle for students and parents alike.

Part of this campaign is the Committed Art Contest, put on by Friday Night Live, which encourages the expression of their experience through the artistic medium of their choice.

Six Dos Pueblos High School students came together to create an art project which would represent the loss and devastation caused by drug and alcohol abuse on many levels. Mental health, physical health, family relationships, financial stability are all affected by substance use and abuse. Their project “Drop the Mask of Drug Abuse” illustrates the pain of addiction as it begins to cover and hide the true person behind the mask of growing abuse. This collaborative effort evoked meaningful conversation, and the understanding that many people’s lives are touched in some way by alcohol and drug abuse.

The students who participated in this project with the support of their YSS counselor, Tracy Thompson, are as follows:
Nicholas Figueroa
Brett Harris
Jose Martinez
Enrique Medellin
Jonathan Santos-Martinez
Nicholas Vera

Out of over 200 entries, this project received a 4th Place Honorable Mention, which was presented at the Committed Leadership ceremony. This art piece has been displayed prominently at multiple CADA functions including town halls. “Drop the Mask of Drug Abuse” is currently on display at the Dos Pueblos High School library.

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