Ask A Charger: What Is Your Idea Of A Perfect Summer Job?

By Destinee Cannon

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Kennedy Reardon (photo / Toni Shackelford)

(photo / Toni Shackelford)

By Toni Shackelford & Destinee Cannon | Staff Writers

May 30, 2014

“Working at Blenders, because you get to see a lot of people and make smoothies.” -Renelle Gonzalez, grade 10

“Being outside, in your community, helping the children.” -Nick Baker, grade 9

“Being a lifeguard, so I can chill all day at the beach.” -Jake Griffin, grade 10

“Having fun and not having a job.” -Blake Erwin, grade 9

“Being a lifeguard, because you get to be at the beach and you get to save lives.” -Wei-San Udden, grade 10

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