An Open Letter To The Charger Account

By Jaden Gill, Editor-in-Chief

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As the year concludes and many graduate Dos Pueblos, The Charger Account’s team of editors reflect on our years spent reporting, covering, and writing articles we are proud of. We are immensely grateful for our team of staff writers, our advisor Mrs. Dwyer, and the opportunity to share the stories we felt needed to be told.


“Thank you to the Charger Account for showing me how much power we have as writers and reporters. Thank you for giving me a platform to cover issues that matter to me and send them off into the world to hopefully spark change and influence society. It has been an honor to share the stories that often go unheard and to facilitate a newsroom where writers have the confidence they need to use their voice for good.”

Jaden Gill, Editor-in-Chief

Attending University of Oregon, Studying Journalism and Public Relations  


“Thank you to The Charger Account for teaching me so much about having confidence in myself and my writing, and for giving me such great opportunities to grow as a journalist/writer.”

Susanna Sinclair, Web Editor

Attending University of Southern California, Studying Occupational Therapy


“Thank you to The Charger Account for allowing me to get out of my comfort zone and learn so much about being in a professional environment. I have grown more in these past two years than I ever have in my life, to which I thank my fellow staff writers, editors, and our amazing advisor Mrs. Dwyer.”

Gemma Sturgeon, Print and Design Editor

Attending University of Oregon, Studying Psychology


“Thank you to The Charger Account for giving me a platform to explore my interests and to report on them. I am forever grateful for the cooperative atmosphere of the class and our intellectual discussions. This year’s journalism class can beautifully turn their ideas into full-fledged articles that spread knowledge and pique curiosities. I am constantly inspired by The Charger Account’s work.”

Maya Al Sabeh, News Editor

Attending University of California, Santa Barbara, Studying Economics


“Thank you to the Charger Account for showing me how to be passionate about sharing my opinion with the others and proving to me the importance that social media holds within the journalistic world.”

Mia Capuno, Opinions and Social Media Editor

Attending University of Hawaii, Studying Marine Biology


“Thank you for giving me the experience of leading my peers and the opportunity to run the Sports section of the newspaper.”

Aidan Montgomery, Sports Editor

Attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, studying Communications


“Thank you to the Charger Account for teaching me new things every day, and introducing me to new people and ideas. Thank you for letting me explore journalism and have fun with every article.”

Nicky Monreal, Features Editor

Attending Santa Barbara City College, studying Music

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