A band new experience

By Julia DeRogatis

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Zach Wright (Linda Henry / photo)

Zach Wright (Linda Henry / photo)

By Julia DeRogatis | Editor

September 6, 2013

For many Freshmen, the first day of school is a crash course in trying not to get trampled or hopelessly lost.  They are thrown into a mass of over 2,000 students with only their crinkled white schedule as a life raft.  Yet for freshmen Zach Wright and Lauren Hovey, the high school experience began much earlier.

As the final weeks of summer marched by, Wright and Hovey were marching right along with them. On August 12 through 26 Hovey and Wright spent numerous hours parading around DP’s fields with gleaming instruments held high, intensively preparing for the beginning of the school year.

For Hovey and Wright, band camp helped to bridge the transition from powerful eighth grader to stumbling freshmen. “Band camp was a very fun experience,” said Hovey. “I am less nervous about starting high school.”

“The upperclassmen [were] great role-models,” Wright added, revealing that the older high schoolers in band camp were helpful and inclusive, whenever they weren’t soaking their underlings with water.

After attending freshmen orientation, Wright and Hovey shared their views on the both the experience and their feelings regarding the start of school.

Lauren Hovey (Linda Henry/ Photo)

Lauren Hovey (Linda Henry/ Photo)

“Freshman orientation actually excited me for school,” Wright said with a laugh, “unheard of!”

Hovey agrees that orientation was exciting, but reflects that it did not completely assuage her fears. “For my first day of school I [had] a range of emotions from total excitement to being completely terrified,” Hovey said.

Despite being nervous, these two clarinet playing freshmen came prepared with some helpful hints about how to have a successful high school experience.  

“The advice I’ve been given for my freshmen year is to always keep organized and always bring extra pencils,” Wright said enthusiastically. “They are like currency!”

Hovey’s advice was more straightforward: don’t get totally lost on the first day of school.

While entering into DP as a freshmen can be daunting, it is also a time of great opportunity and growth. Wright hopes to follow the “simple” and successful path: get good grades, do his homework, and stay out of trouble.

Hovey has similar ideas, but also acknowledges the sentimental side to be found in her four years at DP. “My main, number one goal in high school is to get good grades and do as best as I can,” Hovey said. “My second goal is to just enjoy high school while it lasts.”







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