Charger Spotlight: Aidan “Rowdy” Rouzer runs the team

By Elisian Ly

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Aidan Rouzer by the Charger Car (photo/Elisian Ly)

Aidan Rouzer by the Charger Car (photo/Elisian Ly)

Blue and gold, cheering fans, hot pizza slices and churros–these are all the recognizable Charger features of a Dos Pueblos Friday night football game. Another noticeable feature of these games is a face and presence on the sidelines. The familiar face is senior Aidan Rouzer, a football fanatic and the varsity football assistant team manager.

"Rowdy" Rouzer watches the game in his varsity jacket (photo/Elisian Ly)

“Rowdy” Rouzer watches the game in his varsity jacket (photo/Elisian Ly)

Instead of lounging, eating snacks, and watching football on his TV at home, Rouzer is up and running with the DP football team. Rouzer has health conditions that do not allow him to be able to actively play on the field, but that does not stop him.

“Aidan is passionate. Whatever he puts his mind towards, he will do it,” said Nate Mendoza, head football coach and education specialist.

As Rouzer’s case manager, Coach Mendoza asked him to be a part of the team last year. Since then, Rouzer has been the Assistant Team Manager for the past two seasons. Rouzer’s responsibilities as the assistant team manager include laminating play codes, grabbing the ball bags, and just simply helping out in any way he can.

With all the tough practices, it finally comes to game day. Rouzer has his own way to calm himself before heading in.

“I go home in between and listen to country music to relax. And then when I come back to school, I like talking to my teammates and helping out with the concessions,” said Rouzer.

At games, Rouzer can be seen helping the sports medicine gals and refilling cups for the team. In addition, he can be seen running back and forth, occasionally checking his texts from his girlfriend and attentively watching this teammates play.

(photo/Elisian Ly)

Rouzer refilling cups for the players (photo/Elisian Ly)

“Aidan is a positive and supportive guy. He always cheers for us and makes jokes,” said senior Barrett Burnes, Varsity Captain and Quarterback.

Mendoza and Burnes remember a moment during a season where Aidan surprised them.

“Aidan gave a speech during half time. He was such a big motivator to all of us,” said Mendoza.

“He gave words of advice. It gave the whole team a big morale boost. It was simply very inspirational,” said Burnes.

Rouzer watches a play attentively (photo/Elisian Ly)

Rouzer watches a play attentively (photo/Elisian Ly)

At the heated moments of the game, Burnes notes Rouzer’s sportsmanship on the sidelines.

“He is very respectful. He never says anything negative about the other team,” said Burnes.

Aidan’s nickname on the team is Rowdy Rouzer, due to his enthusiasm in cheering on his team from the sidelines.

No matter if the team wins or loses, Rouzer says, “Being a part of the team makes me feel needed and makes me have a sense of purpose in life. I love being a Charger.”

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