Semi-Finals of the SB Independent/New Noise Battle of the Bands

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Madison Griggs | Entertainment Editor | October 13, 2011

Santa Barbara music-lovers of all ages packed into Velvet Jones on State St. Tuesday night to listen to local bands flaunt their stuff on stage. The competition raised money for a drug and alcohol free club called the Living Room. Four groups took turns in the spotlight, each showcasing their individual sounds and original compositions.

The Blue Suns

First to take center stage was Islay Street, a mellow, folk-country band that wooed the crowd in no time.

Next up was DP’s own, Blue Suns. Their melodious instrumentals, classic covers, and originals helped them win the crowd over effortlessly.

Third to rock Velvet Jones was False Puppet. This classic rock band consists of three Santa Barbara boys who know how to excite a crowd.

Last but, of course, not least Retrodemon wrapped up a night of fantastic music. The aging metal band skillfully delivered a strong and genuine performance, and anyone who has a thing for metal would love this band.

Wednesday night four more bands set up at SOhO with the same hopes that they’d make it to the finals.

Little Owl, a group of four young men and two ladies, were an instant hit with their laid-back with a twist of techno style.

Bringing something different to the table was Carried By Six. Their head banging, heavy metal sound was enough to get anyone on their air guitar.

Psychedelic rock/blues music filled SOhO when Saint Anne’s Place took the stage. Their feel-good vibe made them a shoe in for the finals.

Ralph Torrefranca was next to grace the stage with his guitar. This lone musician’s uplifting acoustic music got everyone clapping.

Each band that performed gave something special and exciting, and they all did their best to win over the crowd. But in the end only four bands (two from Tuesday and two from Wednesday) received enough votes from the spectators to make it through to the next round. Those lucky bands were Little Owl, Saint Anne’s Place, Blue Suns, and Islay Street. The finals will take place next Thursday at SOhO.

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