Blue Suns rising slowly but steadily over Santa Barbara

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Megan Leckie | Staff | October 24, 2011

Often times, when confronted with a group of teenagers who pick up instruments and start a band, one desires to sit them down and explain that owning an instrument does not necessarily make one a musician. This, to my delight, could not be farther from the truth in the case DP band Blue Suns.

Blue Suns consists of DP seniors Sam Kulchin and Harry Menear – on guitar and vocals and on drums and vocals respectively – and DP alumni Carly Rae Powers on bass, vocals and keyboard. Their sound is a breath of fresh air in what would appear to be a stagnating industry, with a style reminiscent of sixties surf rock that also nods its head to contemporary indie rock. The band derives its influences from a broad spectrum of artists, including the vivacious sounds of the Arctic Monkeys, to the impassioned yet peaceful crooning of the Beatles, to the soulful belting of the late, great Amy Winehouse.

The trio has been playing and writing together as a band for two and a half years, although they had all worked together on other projects over the last four. They write, play, and record their own music, but also indulge in their favorite covers in order to fill especially elongated sets.

Apart from being hard at work composing original material for their second album, Blue Suns have been busy with extensive touring and building up a rather impressive fan base. the group has performed on both sides of the Atlantic playing numerous shows across England’s southwest this summer as well as gigging around their hometown Santa Barbara. “We played twenty gigs in six weeks”, says drummer Harry Menear, “not bad for a trio of high schoolers”.

And they’re not the slightest bit burnt out. This powerhouse trio is still making music and recording, and last Thursday and Friday were finalists in two local Battle of the Bands competitions. While they lost the first to older psychedelic rockers Saint Anne’s Place and the second to well established local band False Puppet, Blue Suns are far from disheartened. Harry Menear told the Charger Account: “The local exposure – particularly on Thursday night – was really good for us. Offers of shows just started pouring in as well as fashionably-dressed men in designer glasses asking to talk about our futures”.

Blue Suns will begin recording their second album as soon as the studio they plan to do it in is finished. Until then they intend to play out around SB as much as possible. Come check them out at the Whiskey Richards on December 1.

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