Question of the Week: Halloween Spook-tacular

By Destinee Cannon

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By Destinee Cannon and Rachel Blank | Staff Writers

October 31, 2013

Q: What was your scariest or funniest Halloween experience?

Vinny Leonelli (senior) and Blake Erwin (freshman): “Last Halloween we were both at a haunted house together. We were walking through the house [but] nothing was really scaring us. We were pretty much towards the end of it when suddenly we heard a bunch of people behind us screaming, and before we had time to look back, these two kids came sprinting by us in nothing but superhero boxers and on one of their backs they were carrying their other friend dressed in a full body giraffe costume…they went flying past us down this long hallway and then we pretty much lost sight of them. That was by far the funniest thing we saw that night. And then John Stamos jumped out.”

Kelly Thoits (sophomore): “A few years back me and my family were staying at a cabin we rented and by the end of the vacation we all swore it was haunted. At first it seemed like a cute little place, but the very first day we were there, weird things started to happen. Everyone kept thinking they would hear jingling bells, but there wasn’t any kind of bell or chime in the house. I couldn’t sleep at night because there was a constant creaking that almost sounded like footsteps down the staircase, and each morning we would wake up to the fridge door open even though we had made sure it was closed the previous night. It was pretty scary and I don’t think any of us are planning on going back there anytime soon.”

Lauren Johnson (junior): “Last year I decided to go to a haunted house, thinking that it would be fun and I’d get a little scared. I was was walking through the haunted house, jumping every now and then. I started to take a step, but I couldn’t move and I thought that someone was grabbing my hair from the back. I started to scream and violently jump around to get the person to let go. Someone offered to help me but I refused to let them and continued to freak out. Then I realized that my hair was caught on something hanging in the house. I looked around only to see everyone staring at me, laughing because I looked like a complete idiot. “

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