Food Review: Miso Hungry satisfies

By Jean-Michel Ricard

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(photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

A sampling of what Miso Hungry’s menu has to offer (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

Burrito-sized sushi is on the menu of the new Japanese restaurant Miso Hungry.

Miso Hungry’s menu offers bowls, salads, and wraps with sides of miso, edamame, seaweed salad and fries.

Though the locale is fairly small and the ambience is rather plain, Miso Hungry sports an outdoor terrace and more than makes up for its aesthetic shortcomings with the quality of the service and food.

(photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

Interior of the restaurant (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

The menu is extremely varied in ingredients. For those who aren’t satisfied with the combinations offered on paper, Miso Hungry offers customers to fully design their own wrap, bowl or salad, choosing all the ingredients, garnitures and sauces they desire.

In addition, those ordering wraps may chose between white and brown rice and seaweed or soy paper to wrap their sushi.

Possibly the best feature is that all these dishes are prepared assembly line-style before one’s very eyes. Plus, it’s ready in just a few minutes; as convenient as fast food and certainly healthier.

A large sushi wrap (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

A large sushi wrap (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

The food itself comes in large portions, so make sure you are hungry.

The bulk of the wrap consists of a fruit/veggie combination but the meat can be fully tasted nonetheless.

The bowls essentially consist of the content of a wrap on top of a bed of rice and the salads exclude the rice and meat in exchange for more greens.

The meat comes in both reasonable size and quantity, the greens are fresh and the sauces are abundant, though sometimes a little excessive.

The "Miso Picky" create-your-own menu (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

The “Miso Picky” customizable menu (photo / Jean-Michel Ricard)

This restaurant works within a fairly reasonable six-to-12 dollar price range per person and the quick preparation marks this restaurant as a good place to get a quick, filling meal or takeout.

Additionally, a 50% discount is given on your second item if you present an Axxess card.

Most importantly, everything tastes great. So long as you have no problem with “Miso” puns, this place is a good spot to pick up a tasty bite to eat.

Located on 3891 State St. suite 109 in Santa Barbara, Miso Hungry is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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