Week in Review 10/31 – 11/6

By Jean-Michel Ricard, News Editor

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Week in Review: 10/31-11/6

The presidential race has tightened substantially in the past week, with Democrat Hillary Clinton having a projected chance of victory of 64.5% compared to Republican Donald Trump’s 35.5% as of Sunday. The Trump campaign has witnessed a surge in the polls following FBI Director James Comey’s October 28 public declaration that additional Clinton emails had been discovered in an investigation of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner. As of November 6 all these emails have been ruled to either be personal in nature or identical to emails already known to the FBI.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has broadened his purge of Turkish institutions, firing an additional 10,000 civil servants and shutting down another 15 media outlets. The purges began following a failed July 15 coup attempt – blamed upon Fethullah Gülen, a highly influential Turkish intellectual – which left hundreds dead and thousands injured. Since the coup a state of emergency has been declared over 100,000 people from all manner of institutions have been sacked, and a further 37,000 arrested in what Erdogan’s political opponents label as an effort to silence dissent.

Iraqi forces have entered the city of Mosul, held by the Islamic State group since June 2014. On orders to wage “total war” against the coalition of Iraqi army units, Kurdish peshmerga, and Sunni & Shiite militias, entrenched militants have responded with car bombings and are using civilians as human shields, slowing the Iraqi advance. The Islamic State capital of Raqqa in Syria is also being advanced upon by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-Arab rebel group backed by the US and condemned by Turkey, which instead backs the Turkmen-Arab Free Syrian Army against both Islamic State and Kurdish armed groups.

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