The creation of a surreal world in “Alice in Wonderland”

By Eloi Gonzalez

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"Alice in Wonderland" rehearsal (photo / Eloi Gonzalez)

“Alice in Wonderland” rehearsal (photo / Elisian Ly)

Dos Pueblos Theatre Company’s upcoming “Alice in Wonderland” play will mix the characteristics of Alice and some of the aspects in the story with a vintage circus atmosphere to create a new and unique version of Alice in Wonderland that has never been done before.

“My hope is that people come in and go ‘Wow! I recognize the “Alice in Wonderland” story, but they told it in such a unique, fun and interesting way,'” said director and theater teacher, Clark Sayre, who adapted the script for the play.

“I’ve got elements that will appeal to everyone. We’re using contemporary music, vintage-ish costumes, cool lightning [and a] fun and interesting circus-like set,” said Sayre.

In comparison to other years’ productions, this play has really become a group effort, explained assistant director Gioia Marchese. Students have been much more involved with the designing and creation of “Alice in Wonderland” than they have in past productions.

There are many students returning from last year, reducing the amount of time that has to be spent teaching and increasing the amount of time that can be spent working, said costume manager Jennifer Housh.

Technical director Todd Harper explained that the DPTC usually does a show during the fall and a larger musical during the spring.

This year, the fall show of “Alice in Wonderland” is the larger of the two and a smaller musical will be put on during the spring.

“It has become bigger than what we first expected it to be,” Harper said. “It’s a big undertaking, to do a fall show that would usually take us four to five months in two months instead.”

Junior Vida Loose, who has been involved in theater since elementary school, will be playing the title role of Alice. She said the rehearsals were tiring but that she was dedicated to the show.

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