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The freshman golfer trio make their mark

By Nina Graybill

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By Nina Graybill | Staff Writer | October 1, 2012

Being the only freshman on a varsity team can be a little nerve racking, and having a team of only ten girls heightens the intimidation factor, but that’s no set back for Megan Caird, Mika Henrickson and Jamie Sharpe.

Not only did they make this high performing team, but some of their scores are also quite impeccable due to their young age.

In a previous interview with Presidio Sports, Dos Pueblos golf coach, Dan Choi said when speaking of Caird that “she has consistently been one of [their] better scorers so far the year.”

At eight years old most kids don’t choose golf and then stick with it to the level that these three have.

Golf is a sport that takes much patience and precision, more so than some other sports and this kind of acute dedication is hard to master at a young age.

But these three girls have mastered what it takes to be great golfers.

Freshmen golf girls are living up to their newly established reputation.

When it seems like practically everyone is at a Justin Bieber concert or the new Twilight movie, Caird, Henrickson, and Sharpe find themselves constantly saying “Sorry I’m at the golf course.”

It’s a sacrifice, but they love it, and it hasn’t stopped them from doing the sport that they love and thrive in.

All three girls started golfing at such a young age because their parents had them start, but it is clear that it was the girls themselves who wanted to take it this far.

If anyone was to bring up the topic of golf in a conversation with them, it would be starkly clear how passionate they are about this sport.

“I started golfing when I was eight years old because my parents used to golf a lot and they thought it would be fun if my brother and I learned how to golf so we could golf with them” Caird says.

When asked if they ever thought about quitting, Caird and Sharpe both said that at times they felt like it was too much but they kept going.

Sharpe said that she just gets through the struggles and moves on, while Caird owned up to wanting to quit at one point in her golfing career.

“If I stopped when it got tough, I would have stopped along time ago” Caird says.

Putting all of the other difficulties aside, being a freshman is also a big change academically. When you are involved in a sport it can be demanding of your time on school, as well as off.

The intense timely demands that a sport requires alone could make one not want to continue, but even with school time added into the mix, once again these three keep going.

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The freshman golfer trio make their mark