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Youth for Direct Relief International Fundraiser

By Emma Craine

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Emma Craine | Managing Editor of Student Life

November 1, 2012

DP’s Youth for Direct Relief International Club (DRI) is a smaller part of a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life by providing medicines and supplies all around the world.

The club’s main goal is to help people who are in major need, such as people around the world and locally.

They also provide medical care to people in developing countries, and help fundraise for organizations around the world.

In addition, they are sponsoring a boy named Henri for 3 1/2 years, who is 9 years old and lives in Guatemala. This has allowed him to go to school and have a meal each day.

These types of compassionate donations and sponsorships are continuously done by DRI, just like the one they are currently in.

The Change a Life Fundraiser, donates $25 to a mother in order to ensure that their is a safe birth of her son or daughter in Indonesia.

The club wishes to continue this great tradition of helping out people in dire need around the world so this fundraiser was extended from the month of October into November in order to raise more money.

If anyone wishes to help out this great cause and possibly save a life through a generous donation, a jar is set up in the ceramics room on campus for people to donate to in order to help.

The Presidents, Janelle Freeman and Rachel Altavilla, have made the decision to also start a bake sale to raise even more money for this campaign due to the current lack of fundraising proceeds that they have collected.

Freeman says, “overall the outcomes have been very rewarding and it feels good to be able to help people around the world.”

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Youth for Direct Relief International Fundraiser