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Breaking Dawn Part Two

By Ella Jensen

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By Ella Jensen | Staff Writer

November 20, 2012

On Wednesday, November 14th, a large group of hardcore fans gathered at the Arlinglton theater in downtown Santa Barbara to see the end of a world famous saga. The Twilight Saga, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” premiered world wide last week and drew in hundreds of fans to the theaters.

Not only was the final movie of the Twilight Saga premiering, but Angel’s Foster Care of Santa Barbara was hosting a charity showing where the profits would go towards foster children.  As a tradition for the Angel’s organization, the movie was shown an entire four hours before the midnight showing at the Arlington and a full day prior to the showing in Camino Real Marketplace.

Compared to the other films in the saga, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” was by far the most cheesy.

Bella’s new family in Breaking Dawn: Part 2

In “Breaking Dawn: Part One”, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) had turned into a vampire to officially join the Cullen family after giving birth to her first child.  In Part 2, Bella is a full, complete vampire, but nothing about her appearance had really changed except for the color of her eyes, whereas in the book, her physical appearance was very different.

As assumed by the audience, the film makers are bound to change a few aspects of the book, but this movie had some extreme changes.

Many scenes were altered from how they were originally written in the novels, and left the views confused.

You could argue that it brought an intriguing twist on the story, but for the most part, everyone’s jaws dropped in amazement.

Another aspect that was not appreciated (mainly by the female population) was that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took his shirt off less than any other of the movies.

The most outstanding change that the film writers brought was the battle scene.

In the books, the battle scene never happens, and technically it didn’t take place in the movie. It was very confusing and had many twists, and I think that this was not a good choice: they should have stay true to the books.

Most viewers seemed to be unimpressed.

On the contrary, the true fans of the novels enjoyed the entire experience.

Many girls were howling at the sight of Jacob or flashing their fangs when Edward appeared on the screen.

Many tears were drawn in the last three minutes when the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri played in the background as there were flashbacks of the various characters on the screen.

IMDb gave the film a 5.5 out of the possible 10, which I would say is quite accurate.

“Breaking Dawn: Part 2” brought in $141.3 million the first weekend and is expected to bring in thousands of more dollars.

All in all, this final movie was not doing the actors or the story any favors, but it was a guilty pleasure that is a must see.

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Breaking Dawn Part Two