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Chad Lampe’s world of wrestling

By Stamatia Scarvelis

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Stamatia Scarvelis | Staff Writer

January 15, 2013

“My life revolves around wrestling,” says four-year varsity wrestler Chad Lampe.

And it all began with one single ad in the local newspaper that his Uncle Jeff found.

He then introduced third grade Lampe to the sport of wrestling and from then on there were no second thoughts and no looking back.

Lampe loved the sport from day one.

“I just remember I liked working hard,” says Lampe.

Chad stands at the podium after accepting his first place award for the sport he loves.

Chad stands at the podium after accepting his first place award for the sport he loves.

However it wasn’t until fifth grade that his passion for the sport deepened and became a lifestyle.

That lifestyle of wrestling was one that grasped Lampe entirely and at that young age he took on the responsibilities of a competitive wrestler.

He began to take into consideration what he was eating, pay more attention to his work ethic and live in a constant desire to improve his training. It was from this that Lampe also transformed wrestling from a hobby into a competitive sport.

“I took winning into a different perspective,” says Lampe. “[And thought] about how hard I needed to train to win.”

Now as Lampe moves into his senior season, he expects to put in his best effort and reap the benefits.

“It will be fun letting all of my hard work pay off this season,” says Lampe. “I’m just going to leave everything on the mat.”

With his eyes on the Channel League Champion title, Lampe is looking for a state title as well and according to Head Coach Anthony Califano, that goal is completely attainable as Lampe put in the work outside of organized practices. “Even during the season he does extra workouts on his own,” says Califano.

Along with Lampe are seniors Esteban Flores, Nico Sorenson, Jake Uyesaka and Nico Martinez. Their team goal along with winning Channel League, is to make it to CIF State competition for the first time in Charger history.

“We would all like to put the DP program back on its feet and win CIF,” said Lampe. “Bring back a tradition that has been lost.”

But for Lampe, there is wrestling beyond the high school season. He plans to wrestle along with his cousin at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and compete at the division one level where then, the goal will be to win a National Championship.

Lampe has even planned to make it into the Olympic process beyond college.

However, it’s not just about the national glory.

Along with his full training schedule, Lampe still makes time to reach out to young wrestlers. He volunteers at the Anaconda Wrestling Club were his two younger brothers wrestle as well.

Since that newspaper ad, Lampe’s life has been changed by wrestling.

But Lampe has made a mark on DP wrestling as well as Head Coach Califano states, “He is a large part of our history. The legacy will live on.”

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Chad Lampe’s world of wrestling